Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All Over the Map

What do I do when I get home from work at nearly midnight??? Well, sit at this crazy computer, of course! Usually, I check my bloglines list to see who has posted -- tonight there were over 10 on the list that had posted (see sidebar of those of you that I have on my bloglines).

Anyway, another one of my favorite things to do is check my statcounter. I just like to see where folks are from who drop by. I have my friend Katie's IP address labelled as well as Carrie's (my daughter). There are so many of them--one hundred views today! That is a lot for me! So, if you are from Toledo, nice you stopped in. Bethlehem PA, howdy! Saganaw, Royal Oak, Kalamazoo MI--OK, you get it, it's just fun. I would post a map if it would let me copy it. Mom -- I think you are the Wabasso one. I see a hit from Spearfish SD-- Is that Jenny, Carrie's friend??? Hmmm . . . let's not forget Toronto and Quebec. I could be here all night listing the cities. Just know that when you drop by, even if you don't leave a comment, I know you have been here and I appreciate your vitit.

6 viewers thoughts.:

OH MY #6 said...

Hi Verna, from Toronto!

have a good day.


holly m. said...

Hey Verna,
We are in Temperance but we're 5 min. from Toledo, so maybe that is us!!

Does Temperance show up?

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

How neat... I wish I knew how to see if someone posted to there blog without be clicking on there a hundred times...LOL..
Then I wouldn't have to sit here and go through each one..
If you could help me .. will you email me and let me know...

Steffie B. said...

I think I need one of those kind of counters too! ;) Oh yeah....I'm Stefanie from Michigan! lololol

nikki said...

Just checkin' in from Royal Oak!

Leigh Ann said...

Droped Noah something in mail, yesterday. Sunny San Diego