Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Briefing

Gwen at Oatsvall Team has some good news--Maggie slept and is doing much better.

Still no LOA here but we are hopeful that this is the week. Finished "With Eyes Wide Open" yesterday. VERY good preparation for me. Keith still needs to finish it.

Go here to learn more EYES WIDE OPEN and order a copy.

No shopping or decorating done here. I don't usually decorate until after Joe's birthday -- Dec 11. Plus, the church wants to use the manger in the Christmas program. So, don't want to set it all up and take the manger back out. I might get going on it later in the week since I actually have a stretch of time off - Th, Fr, Sa, Su --yep, we're all in shock!

Our walk-in fingerprint session did not work out. So, our Social Worker says just go to our scheduled appt on Friday and if it needs be, we will contact congress for help. Sounds like she may have done that before.

Still working on blogs but mainly Christmas headers. I'm concerned that you all will be looking at those Christmas headers through February! Somehow I think you will tolerate it though, knowing we are in China. Thank you for your support. I will post a counter later today.

Minnesota got about 6 inches of snow on Saturday. Mya is loving it. However, she learned a valueable lesson this morning--keep your mittens on. It really hurts when your fingers get too cold. She has tiny, thin fingers so they were cold in no time at all, especially since she was digging in the snow with bare hands. Bad mom! Lesson learned.

I have started using Blogrolling and Bloglines to keep track of all of you. So far I have 41 blogs listed and will surely be adding more. I'm enjoying looking at all the great posts.

Erin gave baking a try last night. She made banana bread and pumpkin cake. They tasted very good. The bad news--the kitchen was still a BIG mess when I came home from work last night. Guess that's the price I pay for banana bread!!

One last thing for all you who thought I was so ahead by getting those Christmas letters printed and into the envelopes--they are still on the table waiting to be mailed!!

5 viewers thoughts.:

nikki said...

Glad Mya had some fun in the snow, but YES keep those little fingers covered!

I think I may have gotten a picture for our Christmas cards today, but I'm sure it will be a while before they get mailed out.

Glad you are going to enjoy a few days off of work!

Steffie B. said... how do you add the little blurb under your comment section. Remember when I asked you about that?

And send some of that banana bread our way! YUMMY!

Beckyb said...

Whew - I feel better already knowing that those Christmas cards are STILL sitting there - I was feeling REALLY behind over here!! (Truth be told, I still am!!!)

Have a good week!

holly m. said...

I was going to ask you to come help with my cards but I guess I'm on my own!! :) Have a Merry Christmas!

LINDA said...

Not to worry, dear. We all get behind sometimes. My cards are all made out and have set here for 3 days. I will get them into the post tonight on my way to Mallory Christmas concert.....It is snowing here---lots!