Saturday, December 01, 2007

Recipe for a Christmas Letter

Address book - church list - Pingjiang list

Glasses to read the addresses

Stamps and lots of them

Lots of envelopes and Paper

A couple hours to come up with just the right wording, pictures and graphics.

Ink to print both letters and decorative envelopes.

Another couple hours to address all those envelopes.

A very wet tongue to lick the envelopes (aren't we all glad to have sticker type stamps?)

One big rubber band to keep them together and not annoy the mailman.


Set a date and time when you want to do this. Try to gather your materials in advance. If possible, remove small children from your working space. Then, just sit down and do it. When complete, pop them in to the mailbox and hope to get some in return.

Keep extra of all ingredients just in case you get a card from someone you forgot.

9 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

Very cute.....I'm still working on the picture part. See current post! ;)

nikki said...

Looks like everyone has Christmas cards on the brain...I am most concerned about the picture...what should she wear? Wear should we go to take it? etc.

Leigh Ann said...

I am ordering mine a great pic of everyone on the Thanksgiving Break.

redmaryjanes said...

We're hopefully taking Eli to get his pictures with Santa. I have my Christmas cards, but my address book was lost on our trip home over Thanksgiving. So, I'm kind of stuck there, I'll have to wait until I get cards and then save the addresses.
I have my blog friends addresses though : )

Beckyb said...

Great - one more thing I'm behind on!!! We had our pics done but they aren't back yet so I can't order the cards - soon, I hope!!!

Dannye said...

I'm working on my bloggy friends cards, slowly but surely, but since we are a long long long way from referral, no pictures enclosed, who would want to see us without our Chynna anyway??? hehe

but your recipe definitely looks like one for a success!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

We just did our pictures today...
Can't wait to send them out...
Have a Great Week

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you Verna. For everything you do. You are the best!

OH MY #6 said...

Hi Verna,

Yes, I agree. You are the great. I haven't know you for long but I feel that. You are so thoughtful. Thank you for helping me out so, so much.