Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Surprises in the Mail//More Snow

Mr. Brian sent this beautiful Christmas ornament to me along with a tin of peppermints. I would have taken a picture of the tin but my hubby has taken it to his office. So, Mr. Brian, he has taken his cut of the loot!! Thanks so much for the gift.

Here are some pics of our snow baby. Mya just
loves the snow. Today she thought she should be able to put on her boots withoug socks. Silly
Has she forgotten the cold fingers already??
Looks like we will have plenty of snow for Christmas. We're supposed to get a couple more inches today. It's pretty to look at but I'm telling you now that the heating blanket goes on the bed today!!
Happy birthday to my Nephew Duane! His wife and son also have December birthdays--Nicholas celebrates his first BD in a week or so. Have a great month, Duane and family.

6 viewers thoughts.:

Mr.Brian said...

A girl after my heart.She and Becky would get along well too.
I am sure we are in for more real soon too.

Laura Nipper said...

What cute photos. Looks really cold though. Love my new header on my blog. Happy Tuesday.

holly m. said...

Mya looks to little out in the snow.She also looks to me having great fun!

nikki said...

Mr Brian is such a sweetie...love the ornament.

Mya looks TOO cute in her snow gear - love her hat.
Lily would be sooo jealous. She wants snow here so desperately!

Amy said...

Olivia got to play in her 1st snow fall ever. She really enjoyed it too :)

LINDA said...

Yep! You got a snow baby there. Mr. Brian is a good friend!