Monday, July 30, 2007

The Nominees for Official Sponsors

New Olympic Sport

It's official. Blogging has become an Olympic sport. So, some of you may be in Beijing sooner than you expected!!

Couldn't resist doing this. I know a lot of you are sucking down some java as you read this--come on, admit it.
Let's vote on the snack sponsor for the blogging team and I will see what I can do with their Logo.
We need the best ice cream, chips and whatever else comes to your mind. Gwen, what's the name of that power bar you eat?? Let's have some fun!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Just want to clarify that by evening shifts, I mean that I start work at 2:30 in the afternoon and work until 11:00 PM. So, it's just staying up late, not ALL night.
Don't want you guys to feel TOO sorry for me!!
It's just that this little smiling face wakes me up at or before 7:00 AM everyday and I really would prefer to stay in bed until, say 10.
Such is life!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Mr Brian and Becky

I went back on Becky's blog and dug up these photos so that she and Mr Brian could be reminded of their winter. Yep, it sure does look fun and COLD!! I'm a warm weather person (no humidity, please) but I do enjoy a good snowstorm now and again. It gives us some sort of bizarre bragging rights.

Sunny Yellow

A pretty picture to brighten my day. I'm on the 3rd of 4 evening shifts this week. I expect to be the little dragon again tomorrow and Saturday.
Not much new. Ginger is free to roam the house now. She is doing some investigating of the premisis and getting used to the location of her bowls.
The heat/humidity are terrible this week but today we got some sprinkles. Hope it continues. We could use a break from the heat and the rain is welcome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Great News from Homeward Bound

I notified Homeward Bound concerning Ginger's health issues and K from HB replied quickly, telling me how upset she is that this has happened. Ginger had tested negative for heart worm in the past and had been treated for parasites. K also said that Ginger tested negative for Lymes but Lymes is not the same as Ehrlichiosis. (They are 2 different tick borne diseases.) She is offering to reimburse us for some vet bills. That is a huge blessing. I had just assumed that HB would not be helping us because the contract said we agreed to adopt Ginger "as is". Boy was I wrong. Thanks so much to K who is our HB rep or as we say in the adoption world, social (case) worker.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vet Update--The bad and the worse

The vet appointment came with a few surprises. According to Ginger's paperwork, she was rescued in Kentucky--yep, a southern belle but couldn't convince the girls to name her Belle. I digress. After identifying the yucky thing mentioned in my previous post, I agreed to have a full workup on our new family member. Boy am I glad I did. The pour little thing has Ehrlichiosis-a tick borne parasite that infects red blood cells, found mainly in the southern states. She also has heart worm. Now that is the hardest to treat--kind of tricky. She will have a chest x-ray next month and after 3 months of Heart Guard, she will go into the puppy hospital for 2 days to have a very strong medication administered to kill the heart worms. THEN, she has to take it easy for a month so that when those worms dislodge, they don't cause a heart attack or stroke. I'm just feeling so bad for this pretty little pooch. She is so cute and the girls are so in love with her. I guess that is why she was rescued. No one really cared about her. The intestinal worms and Ehrlichia would have been enough but the heart worm put me into concerned pet owner (OK, mommy) mode. I know she will be OK cuz the vet said she has only had one negative outcome on the heart worm in all the cases she has treated. We'll just love her up so much that she will be really healthy and able to with stand the treatment. Maybe God is trying to prepare me for Lily's need??? Guess I will just think of it that way. He can use even a dog to teach us lessons.

Off to the Vet--Life's reality

Today is Ginger's first doctor's appointment. I know she has an issue that is indicated by my cutesy picture I put on this post. Hopefully that is the only problem cuz it is easy to solve. Gotta get the flea and tick drops and make sure she is healthy in every other way. She really likes canned dog food over dry but need to get her back on dry food cuz it's cheaper. She has a purple colored tongue which I was told is a sign of a chow chow. Will ask the vet. Update to come later.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Introducing: Ginger Snap Cookie

It's just Ginger for short. I've been missing Snowy and dropping ever so subtle hints that I wanted to get a new dog but it I still coerced in order to make it happen. Keith didn't want to commit to dog ownership because of the hassle at vacation time--finding a dog sitter. There's also the fur in the carpet factor and other things but to me it's worth it. So off to PetCo we went in search of a dog to adopt. I had looked at the Homeward Bound Dog Rescue web page (we got Snowy through them) to find which location they were at this weekend. We looked at all the dogs but this little girl is calm, over the jumpy puppy stage, potty trained and kennelled when owners are gone. It will take a bit for her to get accustomed to us but I think, so far things are going smoothly. Keith said she is so quiet that you can forget that she is there. So far she does not have free roam of the house. That will come after a vet check. I do know for sure that Fat Herman doesn't really like sharing the laundry room with Ginger and has made his objections known. Erin thinks the dog will sleep in her room once she is given free roam. We will see how that goes.
ADD ON: Spaniel Laborador mix -- cocker spaniel, I think.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Last Summer

This is a shot from last summer when Ketih, Carrie and I were fingerprinted for Lily's dossier. It seems like a long time in so many ways but in other ways, just like yesterday. Some good has come out of the wait. Mya has matured so much that I think she is more ready for her sister. She has also started to understand that she will not be going with us to China to pick up Lily. I was very concerned when she insisted that she was going along because I thought she would not do well while we were gone. Now we talk about who will stay with her. She is talking about how Lily can share things. I know it will be quite an adjustment but I also know this time has brought growth. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Draggin' Today!

Some days, you just can't get going. Today is one of those days. For me it usually happens after a series of evening shift at work. What's the cure??? Well, coffee, of course!!
Where do you think the saying "Just add Coffee" came from???
From Draggin' to Human in 30 minutes or less!!!
So, now that I am caffeinated, I'm giong to head off to JoAnn Fabrics in search of China themed quilt fabric for Lily's quilt.
UPDATE: Nope, we didn't even make it to JoAnn's. Too late of start. Went Garage saling instead. Another dressup dress, some necklaces, snow boots and an Angelina Ballerina video later, we arrived home to take naps-->yep, me too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swingset Anchored

Well, it only took about 2 months but the swingset actually has cement anchors AND the slide is put in place. So, if you all want to come over, just bring your bug spray and we'll have some fun.

For all who are hoping something really exciting happens up here in the midwest, see previous post. We are short at work and I am picking up extra shifts. Also, see post on garage to know where the extra $$ is going. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How did you spend your weekend??

.Hey, Everyone.

.weekend. .looked.

Not too exciting by some folks standards but what I do is a vital part of every diagnois.
I AM a Clinical Laboratory Scientist!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Froo Froo Dress

Mya and I stopped at some garage
sales yesterday and we found some fun dress up clothes. I had her stand by the birch tree to take this picture but she would not look at me and smile so this is the best it gets. As you can see, she hit the silly zone with the purple one. Be sure to check out the video from her performance for daddy--see below.

Myalina Ballerina

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two Posts this Morning

Make sure you see both the video and the slideshow!! One correction on the slide show (cuz I didn't save it). It's Emily, Sophia and Hannah eating popsicles at the pool. Sorry about that. Be sure to check out all of our travel buddies' blogs to see even more pics/videos.

Nashville Trip--Pingjiang Reunion

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Off to Sonshine Festival

For about something like 7 years now, someone in our family has attended Sonshine Festival out in Willmar, MN -- GO HERE FOR INFO. The first 5 it was the whole family but then along came little Miss Mya and it just became so much more difficult. This year is no different except that Erin and some friends are going it alone. Keith and I went out to set up a popup camper and a tent. Keith accidentally packed the screen tent. So, a quick trip to Wal*Mart was in order so that the young men would have their own sleeping accomodations-- a must in this situation. Before we were even done setting up, we were hit by a short but brisk rainshower. Then back to sunshine. Sorry, no photos. Keith forgot that he had the camera along.
Casting Crowns is playing this year. Maybe that would have made sleeping in a popup, milling through 6000 people and baking in the sun worth it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Made It to Brentwood via St Louis

Mya observes a "walking stick"-IA rest stop.

Stop & smell the flowers - same IA rest stop.

Getting to Quincy IL-- Cool Bridge and Fireworks for the 4th -- outsided hotel window.

Quincy IL Hotel after fireworks.

The Silver Arch-- St Louis, Gateway to the west.

St Louis ducks - no, not a sports team.

. .

Are we ever going to get there ? ! ?

Well, we made it to Brentwood TN today. Checked in and are ready to go see all the little girls. Can't wait. Will post pix later if possible.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to Keith!!

This is one kind, patient, smart, great daddy and husband!
Thanks for all you do Honey!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Silly Weatherman!!

I was listening to the news once this weekend and just happened to catch about 10 seconds of the weather. I don't normally watch news or actually adult TV anymore. So, this is a rare thing. At any rate, I could have sworn they said HOT & HUMID for Mon and Tues. I was all prepared to close the windows, turn on the AC and hunker down, keeping cool indoors. Lo and behold, it is raining. What!?! Don't get me wrong, we REALLY need the rain--2 inch deficiet here. I'm actually happy it is raining. The air is fresh and pure and smells so wonderful. The grass will green up on the non-watered area. It's all good. Maybe the blueberries will even plump up. Just wish I could work at a job where you can be so grossly wrong and no one cares. My job is SO picky!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sister's home & Sweet Corn time

Erin arrived home on Sat, June 30 at 11:30 AM. The people around her are her friends who quickly took her off to have lunch at Perkins. Then she spent most of the rest of the day with her BF and then out for the evening. No wonder she didn't want to get up for church this morning.

Keith bought sweetcorn at Cub earlier this week. Mya dug right in after being reminded how to do it. She ate one and a half cobs. YUMMMM!

Crunch, crunch, crunch