Thursday, January 31, 2008



Who you lookin' at??

Search and Destroy is having a confessional today. There are just too many things to confess. I won't be putting any of them on there. However, here is one that is probably not new. I am NOT a nutrition maniac. Mya eats all kinds of really bad stuff during the day, as do I. Here she is having rice with butter and brown sugar for breakfast. It's about 10:30 and we are still in our jammies with no interest in getting dressed any time soon. We may go to Target if Noah's size updates arrive but that will be later in the day.

I just found Mya cutting her own fingernails. Is three and a half young to be able to do that?? Now she's doing her toe nails. Did I mention she's naked?? Just went the big #2 and will be putting on clothes now because the pullup came off as did the PJs. Have you had enough info????????
Don't worry, I vacuumed the house this morning. So, I did SOME housework. ;)
I may even fold clothes and think about packing for China.

8 viewers thoughts.:

Mr.Brian said...

Hey I will again be having to ask if you moved your bowels today.(well not you but the residents at the home.) Always a fun question to go around asking.
Guess I can check one off the list for today!!!!

holly m. said...

Rice crispys..rice with brown works!! :)

Your day sounds very relaxed much like mine. After raising the boys and always flying thither and yon, it feels WONDERFUL just to take it SLOWWWW and easy!!

Save your energy for bringing home a sweet baby boy!!! WOO HOO!

Have a GREAT day!!:)

Laura Nipper said...

Now that funny. We love PJ days in our house as well. She is to cute. :)

Denise C said...

Oh I love it!!! Mya is just precious! Rice +butter+sugar...well you have all the important food groups!!!
Your house sounds a lot like ours!! tee-hee! We have a funny around here....when we get new PJ's we call them our new "School clothes"!! (We homeschool...and tend to stay in our PJ's way toooooo looooonnnggg!) haha!
Blessings to you as you prepare to travel to get your sweet little boy! I'll be lifting you and your family in prayer every day!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... never tried rice, butter, and brown sugar... I always season it with the sauce I cook the main food dish in or soy sauce... Naked huh? Is that why she likes her home days??? :o) I'll have to ask her how that was. She can cut her own nails... wow that's coordination!

Steffie B. said...

I am just totally cracking up....I think we need to come for a visit too! ;)

nikki said...

Oh honey, Lily and I NEVER got out of our jammies today...and her breakfast consisted of fruit loops.

And, she is doing her own nails? Wow, can she come do mine?

Love you! Enjoy the down'll be ending soon! YAY!

Robin said...

I am SO glad that I'm not the only one that feeds my kids unhealthy food. Poor Lauren is addicted to soda...she hears the can "pop" and comes running! I'm guilty of using candy to quiet her in public...ha...minutes later she is hyper...what am I thinking??? Your daughter is a cutie pie and your son is getting sooooo close to your arms!!!