Wednesday, January 09, 2008

post # 475 ---- AMAZING PEOPLE

One of my soon-to-be travel buddies offered to touch up Noah's picture and take the scratches off of it. Thanks so much. You know who you are E.D. Take a look in the sidebar to see how it turned out. Here's the original.

Another one of our future travel mates, Heather, started a Yahoo group just so the February travelers could get to know one another. It is really helpful. Heather is also going to Wuhan. I am looking forward to getting to know her and her hubs. I'm also really thankful to have another couple traveling to our province.

Today is going a better. Some sleep, some more coffee, Nemo on the tube and yep, I get to go to work too. Responsibility does have a way of keeping a person going. I just want to get on the plane and head to China to bring our boy home.

I still have lots to do. I did sort through some of the wonderful clothes/toys that you all gave Noah. I am deciding which ones I can fit in the suitcase and which will need to stay here. A sweatshirt/pants and a winter coat will be in there as will lots of pull ups. Those will all be carry on so that if anything gets lost, it's not his stuff. I will make sure necessities and at least one change of clothes for me is in there too. It seems like such a daunting task at this point. I packed and unpacked so many times before we left for Mya that I only want to do it once for Noah. I think it is all in my head. I just need to actually do it. I have at least 5 days off prior to leaving. I think that will be plenty of time to pack.

Colleen (my sister) is all set to come. Well, as set and ready as you can be when you are watching some body's kid at their house. We have stuff scheduled for them to do. So, I'm hoping all will go well. Sometimes I don't know which will be harder--getting Noah or leaving Mya behind. I know it will all be well. So, I keep giving it to God.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

The picture looks great! Don't fret about leaving Mya.....she'll be fine. She's independent and strong.....and she has Erin! Bring that boy home!!!!!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the new picture...
She did a WONDERFUL job..
Mya will be fine..
She will be sooo happy to have her brother home...

Anonymous said...

The picture looks wonderful! Mya will bo ok, I think, she's in good hands! :o) I can't wait to see Noah! I promise I won't snatch him up... hehe

LINDA said...

WOW! They are magicians. Great job ! Mya will be fine. Kids are so flexible and she will be comfortable with her caretakers..