Saturday, January 19, 2008

Preparation for the Big Trip

Well, I finally bought Pull-ups. Sounds silly but it just seemed to be a big thing to me. We have 2 packs of the 2T-3T and that should be plenty. Don't want to run out though. Chinese diapers leave a lot to be desired--I rate them similar to the generics you get at Wal*Mart.

In other preparatory efforts, Keith has now downloaded some 500 song on to our newly won IPOD. For those who have BTDT, you may remember missing the English language. I plan to have lots of options for both that and the soothing genre.

Our tickets have arrived as have our VISAs. I have a duffle bag half packed but I know I'll be taking it all out and repacking. Keith got a new backpack to fit the laptop in to. We have downloaded Skype and tested the webcams. Very high tech this time around. We have purchased inflatable travel pillows so we can sleep on the plane. I have sleeping pills to help overcome jetlag and nervous sleeping patterns.

I still need to learn some basic Chinese words for "I have to go potty" and "time for bed" and a few more that I haven't decided on yet. Gwen and Pam, I could use some help with that.

At home, I've got Colleen all arranged to arrive on Feb 13 so that the dog and Mya can adjust to her presence. I've got plans to send Mya to daycare 2 days a week and the big kids are taking her to Underwater world on President's day --it's at MOA. Note to self --call work perks to get discounted tickets. Katie and her BF, Phil, will be taking Mya for day of sliding. I think Colleen will be taking Mya to visit my parents one day. Most of this is already on the calendar.

On the blog fairy front, hoping Becky will come on board to help you all out in my absence. Also hoping she'll be able to come up for CNY.

Can't believe that in less than a month, we'll be with Noah. I just pray that his preparation on that end will help him be comfortable with us, at least as comfortable as a little boy going home with strangers can be. I'm preparing for crying and screaming and kicking. Part of me wishes we could take Mya along for him but I know she would not travel well.

Have a great Sunday. I'm working a shift for a Packer Backer today and will work Super Bowl Sunday if the Pack wins. The gal I'm covering for rarely takes time off. I can use the money. It's all good.


5 viewers thoughts.:

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds like you have most of the stuff ready..
You are very organized.
Can't wait to see Noah in your arms...
Have a Great Sunday..

Steffie B. said...

Sounds like you are ready girl....can't wait to see you there!

The Johnson Family said...

So excited for you!! I know I can not bring myself to buy Savannah-Hope's diapers either!! I want to get a fina weight as close as possible to travel and since we are still waiitng on immigration papers I do not have a positive date yet! but praying it is SOON!!

Can not wait to see that precious little one in your arms!

The Shocks said...

I cannot remember how to ask if they have to go to the rest room. I only remember no (bu yao). Now Ethan just laughs at us when we say it. Oh, and I love you (Wo ai Ni)

Robin said...

Its getting SO close! Sounds like you are ready! I totally get the "pull ups" thing. That is how I felt when I bought diapers after 10 years. I love the smell of diapers...clean ones that is! :) I can't wait to see Noah in your arms!!!!!!!

St. Louis