Thursday, February 07, 2008

For Nikki (and all you curious folks)

Dear Nikki,

You asked how I was doing, really doing, not just the bloggy details. Well, I'm here to tell you (and all those reading this note) that I am doing well, for the most part. I can't really get my mind around the fact that in 10 short days, we will not only be in China but be meeting Noah. It is like something you can't explain until you do it, and even then, it is so surreal that in many ways it's like you just float through it, in some sort of haze.

I have prepared as best I can for this trip. No knight in shining armour attitude this time. I know that it could go badly. The Ogle's (see post on Noah's foster bro) said Paul William ran from the room when he saw them and kicked the hotel door for at least 2 hours. I realize that the same thing could happen with Noah. I've done this before and I know that it is just plain hard at times. I also know, as you do, that the rewards far out weigh the difficulties. So, in many ways, I have hunkered down for the possibility of a "fight".

We have not done our final packing. It is hard to do that until you don't need your things for daily life. The pull ups and diaper wipes are in the bag, along with bunches of clothes for Noah, all of which I will take out and reassess prior to leaving. I have gotten my perscriptions filled, stocked up on OTC meds and purchased travel sized items as needed. We have discussed the need to bring a power converter and decided it is not necessary. We have uploaded some 500 songs on to the little IPOD that Keith won. One thing I have not done is purchase gifts for the nannies, foster grandma and director of the orphanage. Better get to that soon.

So, how am I really doing? I'm spending lots of time at the computer, ignoring the things I need to do. ( Go here and here to see what I have been up to.) No nesting here. Don't feel nervous but then I didn't feel nervous for Mya's trip until the day we left. Go figure. Not sure if those are the details you were looking for but that's basically how I'm doing. Tomorrow's my last day of work. We are celebrating with pizza. Maybe it will sink in more then.


Seven things you may not know about me: The Meme
1) Married at 19 years old, after my freshman year of college.
2) Mom at 23 yrs old
3) Graduated college in June 1983 (BS Medical Technology UofM)
4) I'm a Clinical Laboratory Scientist--yes, I do collect blood and examine urine
5) Raised sheep during my junior year of HS
6) Worked for Green Giant during the corn pack a couple seasons
7) Take care of the weekly bulletins for my church

Go here for more of my story.

6 viewers thoughts.:

nikki said...

Hey Sweetie! Sounds like you are doing as well as can be aren't going in blind this time! (but you also know that it still might be REALLY hard. Or not.)
Surreal. That is the perfect way to put it. I remember it didn't even start to sink in until about halfway into the trip!
I love you, girl! Wish I could go with you to carry your bags.

nikki said...

You raised sheep!!!?????

Leigh Ann said...

Thinking of you and can't to follow your journey.

Steffie B. said...

I have been thinking of you and the new journey that you are about to embark on.....I so wish we could all go together again....and it sounds like you are prepared for everything this time. I pray that the possibilites you listed do not happen with Noah.....I can't wait to see your gotcha is the 16th, right? I'll be with will make it extra special! ;)

redmaryjanes said...

I think you are going to be just fine. You are looking at this journey through seasoned eyes and you are prepared for the good or the bad. What you will probably get will be a mixture of both, but beautiful nonetheless.
I will pray for you while you are gone and for the miracle you are bringing home.

Colleen said...

I was looking at the dates for this entry @ the bottom - 9 things u mite not no bout me:
I'm not sure, but I think the years are wrong. Could that be Mom @ 23 yrs old -- Dec 1983, not Dec 2003? Plus Graduated college in June 1983, not June 2003?
Just wondering if I'm losing my mind or maybe you are!