Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fu-Mart and Wailing

Mya had a good time at Underwater World at MOA.
I'm getting pretty sick of this hotel. Can we blow this pop stand???!!!


Pizza Hut -- Yummmy!!!

Toys and books and surprises for the sibs. Yeah Fu-Mart!!

This whole thing is getting on my nerves. Let's all just go home!!!

Today, 3 of us ladies,(the only American adoptive families staying at our hotel) took a little shopping trip. We asked Eric, our guide, to take us to Wal*Mart but it's really not one, it's a Fu-Mart. Fu means Lucky. Anyway, we found what we thought to be fun things for keepsakes and some toys for the kids. Next door to the superstore, is a Pizza Hut. So we took back pizza for the guys, who had watched the kiddos during our absence. We took a taxi home. It was a fun trip.

I'm so glad to have these other families with us. I think it would be more difficult and mostly lonely without them. Colleen and Alan are from another agency. They live in TN. Heather and Brian are with Bethany. Their website is listed my sidebar.

Today was a more grieving day for Noah. He is not nappping well and has to be forced to sleep by holding tight. For both nap and bedtime, tonight, he fell asleep on the floor, watching TV. I had given him his meds (the orphanage gave us amoxicillin, a chinese cold reliever and some eye drops). I also gave him some benedryl with the idea he would crash in about 15 minutes. Not our little fighter. It took an hour for him to finally fall asleep on the floor.

Tomorrow, we leave for Guangzhou and the famous White Swan Hotel. We're looking forward to seeing all the babies from the rest of our Bethany group. I hope they are all doing well. Check my sidebar for some of their addresses and go check out their cutie patuties!

Hello to all of our Church family--Spirit of Grace. I also want to send out a special "Hello" to Nicole at work and Jo and Marnie, too. I did get Nicole's email. Howdy to everyone else from FLRMC who is following our journey and also to the Smith's folks that Keith works with. Hi to our families too. It is wonderful to know there are so many people who are interested and care about our journey--people who most likely have not been reading our blog much prior to this trip. I feel so popular ;).

We appreciate all the wonderful comments that folks are leaving. It takes me a long time to get through them each day. They are truly a blessing. I want all who are praying to know that God has blessed us with a peace and calm that we did not have on the first trip. We can certainly feel His hand.

OK, enough chit chat. More pictures. Maybe tomorrow we can put in some video of the fireworks from tonight. It is the lantern festival which marks the end of the Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! - Happy Chinese New Year

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Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the pictures..
Sounds like things are going well there and at home..
Have fun tomorrow..
Be Safe...

Anonymous said...

Verna just briefly mentioned the fireworks. Picture the fourth of July fireworks display. Now picture being only 1/2 block away from the launch point. Now imagine this during the grand finale and then picture this going on for about five hours. Needless to say, we are getting headaches from the noise.


Carrie said...

its great to hear that you guys are doing well. i've been praying for you. thinking about one of my favorite bible verses "and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7 (i had looked it up the ref).

i called mya the other day and she didnt talk to me. colleen said she was too busy playing her game. i guess she's keeping herself busy.

love ya,

It's All A Part of Life said...

Verna & Keith - You both Rock! Hang in there! It must be surreal like something in a dream. God answers prayer. It's been really cold here lately so we are hoping that your warm hearts will chase the cold weather away.

ps: Paul is employed and is in his 3rd day at an engineering firm in Mounds View. :)


holly m. said...

Mya looks to be very happy, Verna!!

It did my heart good to know that you both are feeling calm and peaceful and God's presence!

Soon you'll be home with your Noah and back into your routine!

Colleen said...

Just thought I'd let you know that we are thinking of you 3 every day. Mya sometimes makes a comment about holding Noah. I don't think she realizes how big Noah is already. But that's o.k. She'll be able to play with him soon!

A Teddy Bear Care attendant asked if we heard from you. I told her that we've missed some of the calls. I think I'll give them your website address when I pick up Mya today.

Keith's mom called a couple days ago wondering how things were going too. Fortunately, my part of your travels has been going well. Mya could have been missing you guys to the point of a very frustrating time. But, she's doing quite well "ordering" me around :).

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

redmaryjanes said...

Hi there!
It sounds like you guys are doing really well. Big kisses on both of Noah's cheeks. He is just darling. I hope that he starts to sleep a little bit better.
Thank you for all of the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I saw the pics from MOA on Erin's facebook... it's it nice to know Mya stuck her face in there after Joe's butt was there. Hehe. Looks like Noah and Mya will get along. hehe. Cute pics!

Robin said...

So glad Mya is doing well...we know that is huge! Kudos to her caretaker!!! Noah is as handsome as ever! Its amazing how bonded you can become with fellow adoptive families in China...they are like a lifeline to comfort. I bet you are looking forward to the WS and Lucys! :) Lauren loved the chicken congee at Lucy's...perhaps Noah will too! :) Praying for safe travels to GZ! Hugs from St. Louis, where are in the middle of an ice storm!

Denise C said...

Noah is such an angel Verna! Love these pictures....the one of you and Noah playing in the floor is so sweet....a mommy and her little boy! I love it!
Glad you had yummy pizza for dinner....and that Noah is doing so great!
Sweet Blessings to all of you...we're praying in TN!

OH MY #6 said...


He looks so cute in his little golf shirt.

Its funny, there is a real sound of peace in your writing. I am glad that it is going so well for you.

God speed as you travel.



sounds like things are going pretty well ... i know the sleep thing is hard and benedryl did nothing for maggie either ... tv was a great sleep aid ... we will continue to pray here ... his little face just warms my heart ... so glad you are together and pray for speedy and uneventful trip to White Swan ...

Kim & Jeff said...

Just read the rest of your posts... Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time on your trip.

Thinking about you - be safe!

K & J in Minnesota said...

It is so wonderful to follow your journey! I love your captions under Noah's photos! I bet he'll get such a laugh from them when he's older! Quite a few COP boys were matched today! I'm sure little Noah had some influence - more folks ready to embrace the sweet boys!!!

Karin & Jerry
Planning to soon follow in your foot steps to Wuhan for our JunFen!!!

Tiffany said...

Noah is such a cute little guy! I just love following along and thank you for sharing your journey!
Praying for you on the rest of your journey!
Blessings to you all!

nikki said...

Hey Verna! My computer was down all day and I was sooo upset I couldn't check on you guys!
It's so great to get another update and more wonderful pictures - thank you for the close ups...those cheeks are awesome! Love 'em!
Glad you are having a good and peaceful trip...God is good!

Steffie B. said...

Glad things are going well.....for the most part at least. I'll pray that Noah can over come his grieving soon. Loving all the pictures! Keep them coming....and how fun to be there during CNY! ;)