Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunday in Guangzhou

Happy Sunday!! We would love to be able to go to church. Missing our church family and the routine of home. Hotels are only fun for so long :) Sorry, no pictures right now. Blogger is being a pain.

Did some shopping yesterday and found a really nice dress for Mya. I'm not a huge shopper. So, that portion of Guangzhou holds little enjoyment for me. Keith and I have picked out a little boy outfit for Noah and plan to get it before we leave. Haven't decided on the matching outfits but will probably do that. We might venture down to the pearl market that we went to 3yrs ago. Also thinking about another Wal*Mart trip. Gotta do something. Hey, Nikki, if you read this, please comment what park Jay when to. Was it 3 bulls or ??

The group went out to dinner together last night. The food was wonderful, of course. Shiyan picks what she knows we will enjoy.

Otherwise, we're enjoying the warm weather and trying to keep Noah busy in limited areas. Lots of strolling!

Have a great day.

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nikki said...

OK, so maybe you aren't a big shopper...SHOP ANYWAY!!! Please! They have such beautiful and inexpensive stuff. C'mon V! You can do it!
And the park that we went to with the Burkes was beautiful but I cannot think of the name - Jay is at work - I'll pick his brain when he gets home. I remember it had "Celestial Lambs" or something in it? I dunno. John Burke found it for us by asking at The White Swan, I think.
Have fun sweetie!

redmaryjanes said...

What? No photos of Noah?? Verna, you know I have to see those cheeks : )

nikki said...

OK, Jay just got home and I am cracking up at my stupidity! He said he doesn't remember the name of the park but they had "Five Celestial Rams" there. (big statue)...So, I hope that helps! Let me know.
And, yeah, hope to see some more pics of those sweet cheeks soon - pinch 'em for me!

Anonymous said...

We want pics of SWEET CHEEKS, We want SWEET CHEEKS....:) Loved the pic on Bethany Forum of Noah and Maddie!
Noah, the little charmer!!

holly m, said...

Me up above, Verna!

The Shocks said...

He is so cute. I wish we were there with you. Wait, I remember saying that I would not want to travel to China for a few more years. Not ready for the long flight again.

I pray that he will be able to start going to sleep better.

Steffie B. said...

Hope things are going well.....I remember eating at Lucy's with you as well.....Mya was eating the noodles right off the table....I thought it was so funny.

I agree with, shop!

Hope the little man is doing well! ;)