Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Up at Home

I've been asking Mya to make me a snowman for quite a while but each time it snows, the snow is not sticky. She was thrilled to tell me, via webcam, that she had finally been able to make one. We received this photo today. Way to go MYA (and auntie Colleen)!!
Thank you to our dear friend Katie (and her BF Phil) for keeping Mya busy on Saturday. They took Mya bowling, giving Colleen a break from continual chatter.
Big Bro, Joe and his GF Rachael, and Erin are supposed to go to Under Water World today at the Mall of America. Erin said Mya could get a certificate for petting a shark. Hope they get lots of pictures so I can see what they did. My clock says it is 6:30 pm at home. So, I guess they have already done all that.
Today is registration day for us. Noah is layered up and ready to roll. Keith got him in to some shoes. He ate very well this morning. Love seeing those beefy noodles get sucked in to that little mouth. He's drinking lots of water and juice which is good because his cough and cold seem pretty bad to me.
We're hoping to go to a store that has toys with buttons. Noah is playing with the phone, the safe, the alarm clock as well as the computer. And now he has found the remote control for the TV.
So far we have been able to maintain the potty training. He will pee in the big toilet and pooped this morning. For those who feel that is too much info, I'm sure there are a 100 who know just how important this is.
Catch you all later.

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Denise C said...

Verna & Keith,

So glad to hear that things are going so well in China with your sweet Noah!!! I agree potty-ING is VERY IMPORTANT! Way to go Noah!!! We had to bribe our daughter to finally get her to succeed!!!!

Sweet Mya's snowman looks fabulous!

Blessings to all of you!!!

Ashley said...

Glad to hear Mya's staying busy at home and that y'all are able to use a webcam to keep in touch. That's awesome!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

So glad that Mya is having fun...
Love the snowman..
Glad all is well in China...
Can't wait to see more pictures...
Hope Noah's cough gets better...
Have a Good Day...

Carrie said...

thats great! good luck today (tonight here in colorado) hope all goes well. sounds like he is just as good as mya is with the number 1 and 2 on the toilet. haha

love ya

Shelly said...

Vera and family, Noah James is adorable!
Yeah poopy!
He looks so much more grown up..Praying his cold gets better fast!
Blessing to you from IN,
Shelly AKA: Jackson's mom

rose said...

What a sweet little man you have there! It is such a joy to see gotcha day come! Blessings to you all.

From Rose
waiting for Logan

Michelle said...

Glad all is well! I am sure it makes you feel better to know Mya is keeping busy while you are away. What a great little snowman she made!!

nikki said...

I bet it felt wonderful to get a picture from home...Mya did a great job on her snowman!

Glad things are still going well in China. Hope Noah continues to eat well and pee and poop on the toilet. Hope he feels better soon too!

Love you!

holly m. said...

Mya looks and sounds like she is doing quite well at the home front! That must be a relief, Verna.

I'm telling you, I must have checked your bloggy 20 times today!! I'm obsessed with seeing pics of your newest family member!!

I feel like a proud auntie!:)

Take care and give that boy a smooch and a squeeze from Anna and me. :)

Robin said...

Oh Mya...very nice snowman!!! So glad all the plumbing is working for Noah! :) Yes...the adoption community "gets it"! :)

Anonymous said...

We got a couple pics from bowling but they were blurry. Mya was just so excited she didn't sit still to take one. Haha. Needless to say Mya and I tied!!! Haha we got the bumpers and a ramp for her to roll her ball down with. That's my excuse. She didn't sit still the entire day, we had tacos for lunch. Apparently she only likes meat in her tacos. We tired her out pretty good, so hopefully she slept well. I know I did! :o)