Monday, March 31, 2008

Will it Never End??

You guessed it--

It's snowing AGAIN!!

Glitter Photos

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Picking Up Strangers

Yes, my parents warned me but I was recently downtown and found a curly-haired gal just standing of the corner of Hennepin and Third. Seeing that it was near the Minnapolis Library, I thought, "What the Hay?, I'll give the chick a ride." First, the gal asked me if I would like to tour the Library? I should have know this was going to be an interesting ride!! Then, to my dismay, she forced me to have dinner at Don Pablos and then go to the largest Christian bookstore in the area ( Later, I dropped her off at a shabby hotel near the Plymouth Bethany office. She said she was hanging out there with some librarians. At least that explained the offer for a tour of one of the tenth largest libraries in the US but still, what a bizarre experience. Fortunately, I was unharmed!!! (And not forced to read any books ;)
Thanks Becky for all the fun!! I did have my camera but failed to pull it out. Silly me!! Just remember to tell Joe that you will be doing your Library tour when you pass through town on the way to "Daloof"!! Anyone else want to join us on our next adventure??? Nikki??

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fresh Air

Mya was resting in the porch. So, Noah and I went out front for some outside time. He kept very busy with the riding toys. I can't wait for all that snow to be gone so we can play in the grass and not wear all this cold weather clothing. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy Idea

Enjoying a movie in big Sis' room. Big sis is heading out again. This time she is going on a band trip with the school band. That's why there is a suitcase on the bed. Mya was watching Fern Gully when we got home from the big haircut and Noah had to join in.


Momma almost forgot to take pictures!!


I got it in my that Noah needed a true little boy haircut. His hair style was basically a buzz cut that had been growing since last summer--probably shortly before his referral photos. So last evening, I took him down to our local Great Clips and got him a haircut. He sat perfectly. It was clear that he was used to the clipper. He barely moved.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Is Here!!

Talk to me, Man!!

Yes, spring officially arrived today. But Old Man Winter is not going to give up without a fight. We have a winter storm warnienng for our area. Only time will tell if it will actually hit our area.

I spent my morning cleaning, vacuuming and washing rugs and sheets. I don't get bit by that bug very often so when I do, watch out!! I washed floors too. We were all tuckered out at nap time and all laid down.

After naptime, we walked down the driveway to get the mail. The puddles are going away (for now) and the gravel is pretty mucky in spots. The dog has muddy feet and will stay outside until they are dry or close to dry.

The good news it that the pussy willows are out--a sure sign that spring is here!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can I Hold Him?

I sure hope the one that Mya saw does not have this big of family!!
It ran in my bedroom and we still have not caught it. And I told her she could not hold it!
This morning, I was in the master bath, just doing my morning things. We had been up for a while. Keith had left a fair while before. It was just me and the kiddos. For some reason, Mya was not in the bedroom--she was down a level or down the hall. I don't know which. All I know is she yells "Mom, there's a mouse!!" I was in disbelief and questioned her and she said it ran in my room and then asked if she could hold it. I promptly said NO! and sent them out in to the hallway.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Snow

Our front yard this morning! Pretty and sticky and fun!!
I cleaned off the front driveway --it's supposed to get up to 45 today.
So I hope the rest just melts.
The kids played with their shovels and then made their way over to the swingset.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Aunt Colleen's Special Delivery

A big box arrived the other day. The mail delivery gal brought it up to the house cuz it was way too big for our mailbox.

You can see who is in charge of opening all boxes!

Noah got a bath toy! Way cool!! Still have to give it a try but it's sure to be a hit.

Mya got a Mermaid. Apparently they are symbolic in Virginia where Uncle Russ is currently working. We had a little talk about not messing with that pretty curly hair!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meeting Grandparents

Mya tells me -- Look mom, we're holding hands so I quickly snap a picture but now that I see it, I'm not sure they look so happy about it.

Grandma Arlene entertains the troops.

Noah gets to know Grandpa Werner.

The only place in town to hang out was the home and garden store. No one minded. They had toys, lawn tractors, motor cycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. We just needed a place to shoot the breeze after eating our Subway sandwiches. Too cold to go to a park.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Funnies--No Pictures Needed

This first on I will title: Oh, Brother!!!

As usual, I was sitting at the computer. I have put the laptap on the dining room table which is right next to the porch. The kids were in the porch watching TV and playing when Mya says "MOM, Noah bit me!!!" I turn around and step into the porch asking "He bit you?". Crying, she says "Yes, he bit me on the Butt." I was in dismay and had to ask "On the butt?!" and of course, slipped her jeans and panties down to check it out. Sure enough, there was a big mark on her hiney!! We cover up the area and I set Noah on the sofa, scolding him about biting. Then Mya says, "Mommy, it's red. I need a bandaid." Well, it was red and we have a no blood, no bandaid rule. This boo-boo nearly drew blood. So, we head off to the bathroom just off our bedroom (Keith put the Dora bandaids in there for safe keeping.) and I tell Noah to stay on the sofa cuz he was naughty and bit Mya. In our bedroom, I get a bandaid and apply it to the affected area and life is better. However, Mya did tell me a few minutes later that her butt hurt!!

The second story is called "Will you marry me daddy?"

We are having dinner one evening, apparently discussing old age when Keith turns to Mya and asks if she will take care of him when he is old. Her reply, "I will bury you." Thinking she was like so many other little girls who want to marry their daddy, I asked if she meant "marry" you. She said, "No, I will bury you . . . in the dirt." Guess that's what happens when you tell your kids that the cat and dog died because they were old (and have them watch while you bury them.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Buy stock in Kleenex

With all of us sniffling, I am considering changing my stock portfolio to include a large investment in the Kleenex Company. Feels like Noah needs his nose wiped every 5 minutes and I'm using lots of them too.

I had a scare last night with this crazy cough. It's one of those dry coughs that feels like you have a feather in there or large dust bunny only this time the dust bunny refused to move so that I could breath. I went outside to breath in the cool/damp air we are having here and it still took a few minutes to stop wheezing and feel like I was getting air. Very scary!

The littles played outside again this morning. They are enjoying what feels like the beginning of spring. Who can resist 45 degrees, sunny and melting snow. It smells almost as good as a fresh rain. Mya has mentioned walking barefoot in the grass. So, you know where her head is.

Noah was seen at the International Adoption Clinic yesterday. Things went well. They were happy with his progress and use of his "little" hand. We will visit a pediatric hand specialist sometime in the next few months. They took the usual 3 vials of blood and did a mantoux. We also collected a stool for parasites. Having been through it once, the process was a familiar one.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Treasures

45 degree weather-even a mom can't resist--out we went. Mya wanted a ride in the sled. So, since it was mail time, we headed down the driveway to fetch the mail. At our house, that is like walking 2 blocks. The kids loved it!


Noah tries out his shovel. Had to get him his own cuz Mya has one. Digging is really fun!

Mya says it's sticky snow now but mom still doesn't want to make snowballs--I have caught the bug now as has Mya but a little fresh air never hurt anyone.

Today's mail had a pleasant surprise from cousin Nicholas-my nephew's boy. (I hate all that second/third/zillionth cousin stuff so we will stick with cousin.) We are expecting a package from Aunt Colleen too but I knew it would not arrive today. So, getting this from Nicholas was just what we needed!!

Mya got a coloring book and Noah got a Ladybug book. Both were/are very happy.

Thank you so much Steph, Duane and Nicholas. You made our day!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sick but Improving

Noah woke up Saturday afternoon with a dirty pullup-he has not done that since we got him. He also had a fever and started throwing up soon after his nap. It was a fun filled night here. The fever was bad throughout today but after some ibuprofen, he perked up enought to play with Mya for a while.


Yes, I feel that bad!!!!!


Can hardley watch TV.


Maybe some rootbeer will help.

Boy to Boy

Noah received a gift from Daniel this week. It's an bubble machine to put on the bathtub wall. Way cool!! Thanks Daniel!! Mya loves it too!! Mommy will try to get bathtub pictures to post too.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Snaps

Chips anyone???????? (Taken at 9:30 AM)
Today Noah pointed at himself and said "oah"

Mya prefers Cheetoes

Mya "reads" to Noah while he's in the swing-hung from the laudry room rafters.

Family photo for our Social Worker visit.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Stuff

For some crazy reason, the kids are waking up just after 6 AM. Too early for me!! Do you all think the time change will fix that?? Hmmm . . . we'll see. Anyway, they ate breakfast cereal first thing and I made a pot of coffee--I think I need a bigger pot cuz it's only a 4 cupper. At 8:30, Mya asked for spaghetti. What's a mom to say?? It's nutritious. So, I heated it up and let them chow down, hoping that would keep them full for a while.

At 9:00, we left for local Families with Children from China playgroup. First, we were half hour early--only because I read the start time incorrectly. Thankfully, Laura, our host was not upset with me. Noah was hungry right away and ate a whole big banana. We had a good time catching up with everyone. The kids did really well. Mya said she had fun. I noticed we need to work more on sharing with everyone, not just Noah. We have actually only made it to playgroup a handful of times but each time we are graciously welcomed. I appreciate that.

On the way home both kids fell asleep. I was hoping to transfer them to bed and keep the naps going. Fortunately, I was able to do so but did not put pull-ups on either of them and they woke an hour later with wet bottoms--both were screaming which brought Keith out of the bedroom (he stayed home sick today).
Having to clean both sets of bedding set me in to a cleaning mode. There is really not much space in Mya's room. I wanted more room for Noah's clothes and made room for more toys on the floor by removing on shelf from there. Then I got in to Keith's office and got rid of the changing table and pulled a box from the closet that I had forgotten the contents--it contains lots of really nice girl clothes that I had saved. It will all go to my friend, Tami. I think her granddaughter can use them. The room in the closet allowed for some reorganization. Then Keith got into the act and shredded some old papers that he had saved for tax purposes. All in all, we ended up with quite a bit of room and others will benefit from our cleaned closets.

Now we are winding down, waiting for the crib sheets to dry. So, I'm taking a moment to jot down the day's events. As I'm sitting here, Noah runs up, gives the signal to go potty and says, "pee pee"!! Amazing! He also has learned how to say hello, Mya, Ginger, mommy, and daddy. I'm in awe of all that he seems to understand already. He definitely gets the word "NO" and has a defiant streak or will pout if he doesn't get his way. Guess toddlerhood looks the same all around the world!!

Hope you all had a great day. ~v

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where Did I put That??

Illistration Added 3/7/08
I know it's here somewhere. Well, I haven't seen it for quite a while, haven't actually needed it. Maybe I gave it to charity or maybe another mother. Can't recall. It really shouldn't be that hard to find with its distinctive black and white stripes. I have searched high and low but to no avail. Oh well, I'll probably need a bigger size anyway. I'm not as thin as I used to be and it probably wouldn't fit. Time has flown by and even if it was in the closet, it would probably be moth eaten. So, later this week, I will go out and buy a new one. They have made them a bit more stylin' now. Maybe I can have it monogramed. Will have to ask when I get to the store. Oh, and I will need a new whistle too. Forgot about that. Ok, which store has the best deals? Maybe I should order online. This site looks like the perfect spot to place my order:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fitting Right In

Sandy at Keith's work sent a couple little wooly hats home with him in hopes they would fit the kids. Noah has taken to this one. I think it's a puppy hat and he is wearing his puppy PJs. He was standing in the doorway wondering how soon Daddy would be home. Keith had left just an hour before. Might be a long day.

This is one of our many snacking episodes. The kids did not fill up on this 10:00 cereal break. So, I got out the frying pan and made scrambled eggs at 10:30 AM. I guess it's normal to eat about every two hours but I'm running out of creative semi-nutritious things to give to my bottomless pits. :o) If you have any great ideas, feel free to comment.

Today we went to the daycare center to retrieve Mya's winter clothes. I leave snowpants and boots there so that I don't have to bring them every time. Since the stores don't have any more snow boots, we need that set of boots for Mya and the others will be Noah's. Fortunately, Kim at the Seventh Diamond sent us some snow pants that fit perfectly. Noah is now set to play outside for more than 3 minutes. In another month we probably won't need snow gear at all--yee haw!

Time for nap soon. Noah went down well today. I spent a couple minutes rubbing his tummy and then left. Seems to have worked. I'm fighting a cold/cough. So, I'll lay down too. It's not a bad cough--just bothersome at night.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Adjustment Continues

First toothbrushing at home. Daddy has his hands full!!

OK, enough of the hugging!!

I think Mya might need a break.

So, I am doing pretty well. I only had one moment where I thought I might have to run away today. The circles under my eyes are larger than prior to the trip but should get smaller in about 18-20 years.

Oh, I suppose you were wondering how the kids were adjusting?! Well, they are typical. Mya gets mad cuz Noah wants her stuff. Noah hits with no apparent reason. Erin is busy with life but has been home a bit more and helps out as able.

Noah can eat more than I think one 2.5 yr old should. I think he could eat constantly if allowed. That explains the 35 lbs. He's doing quite well. I don't think I have ever met a more huggy, smiley boy. However, he has mastered the knack of the mischievous look. You know, looking out of the corner of your eye with a smirk on your face. So fitting of our family!

The crying before nap was actually quite short today - less than 10 min. Considering Mya could cry for hours on end when she first came home, I keep thinking something is wrong.

Last night was tough, though. Mya took a late nap (see photo above) and didn't want to sleep 'til 11 PM. She also has regressed to needing Murphy all the time and a piece of her "pink". (You may remember that the cliptomaniac cut up the pink cloth and now we only have about 5 4x4 inch pieces somewhere in this house.) At one point, both Mya and Noah were bawling full tilt (Keith was sawing wood across the hall). I put Noah back in the crib and let him cry to sleep again and Mya stayed in the porch with me, waiting for the storm to pass. Then, it was off to bed for her, with Murphy and a piece of pink in tow. No more than 3 minutes later, there was a knock at my bedroom door. It was Mya. She had lost her teeny-tiny pink somewhere in her bed. (Insert rolling eyes.) Thankfully we found a piece of that ridiculous cloth and I convinced her that it would have to suffice. (All this time I'm wondering why a full size pink waffle textured blanket is not good enough.) This morning, I woke to a little voice saying something, possibly mama. It's good that they are sharing a room cuz I think seeing Mya helped.

So today has been filled with typical sibling conflict and cooperation. Just wish the cooperation out weighed the conflict but that will come.

I suspect that Steffie will be laughing her way through this post. If so, go ahead, cuz laughter is good medicine and it sure beats crying. ;)