Monday, March 03, 2008

Adjustment Continues

First toothbrushing at home. Daddy has his hands full!!

OK, enough of the hugging!!

I think Mya might need a break.

So, I am doing pretty well. I only had one moment where I thought I might have to run away today. The circles under my eyes are larger than prior to the trip but should get smaller in about 18-20 years.

Oh, I suppose you were wondering how the kids were adjusting?! Well, they are typical. Mya gets mad cuz Noah wants her stuff. Noah hits with no apparent reason. Erin is busy with life but has been home a bit more and helps out as able.

Noah can eat more than I think one 2.5 yr old should. I think he could eat constantly if allowed. That explains the 35 lbs. He's doing quite well. I don't think I have ever met a more huggy, smiley boy. However, he has mastered the knack of the mischievous look. You know, looking out of the corner of your eye with a smirk on your face. So fitting of our family!

The crying before nap was actually quite short today - less than 10 min. Considering Mya could cry for hours on end when she first came home, I keep thinking something is wrong.

Last night was tough, though. Mya took a late nap (see photo above) and didn't want to sleep 'til 11 PM. She also has regressed to needing Murphy all the time and a piece of her "pink". (You may remember that the cliptomaniac cut up the pink cloth and now we only have about 5 4x4 inch pieces somewhere in this house.) At one point, both Mya and Noah were bawling full tilt (Keith was sawing wood across the hall). I put Noah back in the crib and let him cry to sleep again and Mya stayed in the porch with me, waiting for the storm to pass. Then, it was off to bed for her, with Murphy and a piece of pink in tow. No more than 3 minutes later, there was a knock at my bedroom door. It was Mya. She had lost her teeny-tiny pink somewhere in her bed. (Insert rolling eyes.) Thankfully we found a piece of that ridiculous cloth and I convinced her that it would have to suffice. (All this time I'm wondering why a full size pink waffle textured blanket is not good enough.) This morning, I woke to a little voice saying something, possibly mama. It's good that they are sharing a room cuz I think seeing Mya helped.

So today has been filled with typical sibling conflict and cooperation. Just wish the cooperation out weighed the conflict but that will come.

I suspect that Steffie will be laughing her way through this post. If so, go ahead, cuz laughter is good medicine and it sure beats crying. ;)

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Marnie said...

I am glad to hear that things are going well. I think it also helps him that he is in the same room as Mya, atleast for the beginning. It will soon come when he wants he own room. And the dark circles will go away before you come back to work, I bet, than they can start all over again due to lack of sleep. Miss you!

OH MY #6 said...


thanx for the tip about the dress. I took a look. They have some nice things.

Like I said you sound wonderful. Although, I know this is a huge adjustment for you and your family.


nikki said...

You are doin' great, V! You know as well as anyone that it's HARD at'll get better. And Noah DOES have that "look" nailed! I love it!
And, Mya just needs some extra security during this time of big changes...(it is funny the things they choose to cling to, isn't it?)
Love you, sweetie. Keep the photos and updates coming.

holly m. said...

Sounds as if "everything little thing" is very normal. Sleep when little uns do and get some soft earplugs for during crying times. I'm serious! Muting the crying for yourself helps with stress. You can still hear them but not nearly as loud.

It will get better, Verna, but then you know that! :)

holly m. said...

Oh yea! I'm praying!! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with that Noah look, it's so cute though. The fighting will subside soon. Just wait til they are old enough to talk to each other all night long. Hehe.

Steffie B. said...

Oh yes I am.....welcome to the club! lol See todays post....this is what life is.....I wouldn't trade it for the world though.....I think Noah is a total honey......


we are on the same page here ... there are moments the girls play great until maggie bites or scratches then it could be emily taking something from maggie and running to make her scream !!! don't ya just love it ... we are hit or miss on the sleep, so perhaps you and i should have some computer time in the middle of the night ... hee hee ... it does get better or perhaps our bodies just adjust ... not sure which is true ... love ya bunches !!!! and i hope our lives give someone a good laugh!!!