Thursday, March 13, 2008

Buy stock in Kleenex

With all of us sniffling, I am considering changing my stock portfolio to include a large investment in the Kleenex Company. Feels like Noah needs his nose wiped every 5 minutes and I'm using lots of them too.

I had a scare last night with this crazy cough. It's one of those dry coughs that feels like you have a feather in there or large dust bunny only this time the dust bunny refused to move so that I could breath. I went outside to breath in the cool/damp air we are having here and it still took a few minutes to stop wheezing and feel like I was getting air. Very scary!

The littles played outside again this morning. They are enjoying what feels like the beginning of spring. Who can resist 45 degrees, sunny and melting snow. It smells almost as good as a fresh rain. Mya has mentioned walking barefoot in the grass. So, you know where her head is.

Noah was seen at the International Adoption Clinic yesterday. Things went well. They were happy with his progress and use of his "little" hand. We will visit a pediatric hand specialist sometime in the next few months. They took the usual 3 vials of blood and did a mantoux. We also collected a stool for parasites. Having been through it once, the process was a familiar one.

6 viewers thoughts.:

holly m. said...

I had that cough this morning that woke me up out of a sound sleep and scared me pretty good, too. I have an inhaler,tho so when things get a little too hairy scarey, I have my rescue!

Take care, Verna.

Great to hear Mya and Noah are enjoying the outdoors.

Kristi said...

Sorry to hear you are coughing! One thing you don't really need right now! It is 73 degrees down here in GA so we spent several hours outside with our FCC play group. The fresh air was nice, wish we could share our warm weather with you! We are just beginning to see tiny blooms on some flowering trees and shrubs. Your spring will be here soon too! Glad Things are going well with Noah. I thought of him as one little boy in our FCC group today was so sweet. It is just neat to see these boys as well as so many girls who are in loving families. This boy may end up needing heart surgery as his special need. Hugs to all!

nikki said...

Hope you all get better REAL soon!
Love you!

Beckyb said...

We already bought our stock in Kleenex so I hear you!!!! Hang in there, my friend - I feel your pain!!!

Steffie B. said...

We've also had stock in Kleenex....I never leave the grocery store latley w/o buying at least 4-5 boxes. You sound like we have all been feeling as well.....all i can tell you is that it lingers FOREVER! ;( Hopefully Spring is on the way! ;) Hang in there.....I just still can't believe you have two of them now! lol

OH MY #6 said...

Spring is on its way, it MUST be!