Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fitting Right In

Sandy at Keith's work sent a couple little wooly hats home with him in hopes they would fit the kids. Noah has taken to this one. I think it's a puppy hat and he is wearing his puppy PJs. He was standing in the doorway wondering how soon Daddy would be home. Keith had left just an hour before. Might be a long day.

This is one of our many snacking episodes. The kids did not fill up on this 10:00 cereal break. So, I got out the frying pan and made scrambled eggs at 10:30 AM. I guess it's normal to eat about every two hours but I'm running out of creative semi-nutritious things to give to my bottomless pits. :o) If you have any great ideas, feel free to comment.

Today we went to the daycare center to retrieve Mya's winter clothes. I leave snowpants and boots there so that I don't have to bring them every time. Since the stores don't have any more snow boots, we need that set of boots for Mya and the others will be Noah's. Fortunately, Kim at the Seventh Diamond sent us some snow pants that fit perfectly. Noah is now set to play outside for more than 3 minutes. In another month we probably won't need snow gear at all--yee haw!

Time for nap soon. Noah went down well today. I spent a couple minutes rubbing his tummy and then left. Seems to have worked. I'm fighting a cold/cough. So, I'll lay down too. It's not a bad cough--just bothersome at night.

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Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

My Lauren grazes all day too! I just make a trail mix (a little of everything in my pantry) and leave the bowl sitting out on her play table all day. Another great thing are those drinkable yogurts. Lauren loves them with a straw. Of course we HAVE to buy the Dora ones. So glad Noah is fitting right in...a daddy's boy already huh? :) I hope you're getting some rest!

redmaryjanes said...


I have more clothes to send to you for Spring and Summer. Is Noah a 2T/3T? I'm glad that the snowpants worked out well.
Eli eats a ton too. It must be a boy thing!
Hug both of the 'littles' for me.

OH MY #6 said...

gosh, I am still amazed how good u sound.

Look after yourself, Verna.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love the pictures...
Sounds like Noah is doing well..
He is just getting you prepared for the upcoming years..
I am sure you know about that with boys..
Have a Great Evening..
Glad he took is nap well today..

nikki said...

Noah looks adorable in his puppy gear! And, I have no suggestions in the food department...I still have to force feed Lily most of the time!
Glad things seem to be going amazingly well there, V!
Feel better.

Anonymous said...

CUTE pics. As far as food goes, do they like oatmeal? Probably not without sugar. Huh? hehe.

Gail said...

Gosh you are all doing so well. When we traveled to China for Grace I was jet lagged badly for a solid week after we got home.
Miss Grace is a grazer too, that's all she does is eat, eat, eat. She's a skinny minny too.

Steffie B. said...

I am just still in awe that you have that little man with you now! ;) Just look at that smirk behind feeding himself.....oh the trouble you are in! I LOVE IT! ;)

Take care of yourself....nap when they do....you know the drill! ;)


trying to catch up ... my team has been sick here ... how cute are they ...we love waffles w/ peanut butter ... fills them up and is nutritious ... big glass of milk and i am eating it right along w/them ... have a great day !!!