Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Funnies--No Pictures Needed

This first on I will title: Oh, Brother!!!

As usual, I was sitting at the computer. I have put the laptap on the dining room table which is right next to the porch. The kids were in the porch watching TV and playing when Mya says "MOM, Noah bit me!!!" I turn around and step into the porch asking "He bit you?". Crying, she says "Yes, he bit me on the Butt." I was in dismay and had to ask "On the butt?!" and of course, slipped her jeans and panties down to check it out. Sure enough, there was a big mark on her hiney!! We cover up the area and I set Noah on the sofa, scolding him about biting. Then Mya says, "Mommy, it's red. I need a bandaid." Well, it was red and we have a no blood, no bandaid rule. This boo-boo nearly drew blood. So, we head off to the bathroom just off our bedroom (Keith put the Dora bandaids in there for safe keeping.) and I tell Noah to stay on the sofa cuz he was naughty and bit Mya. In our bedroom, I get a bandaid and apply it to the affected area and life is better. However, Mya did tell me a few minutes later that her butt hurt!!

The second story is called "Will you marry me daddy?"

We are having dinner one evening, apparently discussing old age when Keith turns to Mya and asks if she will take care of him when he is old. Her reply, "I will bury you." Thinking she was like so many other little girls who want to marry their daddy, I asked if she meant "marry" you. She said, "No, I will bury you . . . in the dirt." Guess that's what happens when you tell your kids that the cat and dog died because they were old (and have them watch while you bury them.)

10 viewers thoughts.:

Anita said...

Oh my word V....first poor Mya and her little hiney!!! OUCH!!

And oh you have to laugh at how kids think....too funny about "burying you"!! But I have a feeling she'll probably want to marry her daddy too! :)

Steffie B. said...

OMW....I am cracking up at the second far as the her little bum....I've got one here with a sore bum too.....wonder what Miss Mya did to get the bite?????

Mike & Kim said...

Well it is comforting to know what will happen to one's remain when we have passed on to heaven. We don't want them to be a burden to those we leave behind. I guess Mya wants to relieve this burden from her Dad.

God Bless,
Mike C

redmaryjanes said...

Oh, poor Mya. Bit on the butt. It happens with little brothers.
I love the 'I will bury you' story. I can just tell that she means it in the sweetest way.

OH MY #6 said...

Love it!


~Amy~ said...

Too funny V! :)

nikki said...

OUCH!!!! First to Mya...and then to poor Keith!
(but I am cracking up!)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness - that second story is too funny! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word... haha well that's Mya for you, never a dull moment. Wow Noah bit her pretty hard.


Denise C said...

Oh how cute!!! I love stories about the precious littles at your house!
Noah is a perfect fit in your sweet family!

I hope you all have a most blessed Easter Sunday!!!