Friday, April 25, 2008

Mommy Uh Are You??????????

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Well, it's Bloggy Carnival time again and the Blog Fairy, Lady in Waiting, Red Thread Stitches and Kari's Kafe are all participating. So, bop on over HERE to check it out. If knowing these four are participating is not enough, be aware that there are certificates for Target,, Starbucks and Paypal to be won. Nikki has signed up for the ballerina tutus and the big birthday party prize. Lots of great stuff. So with 903 people participating, I can't name them all.

Now that I have posted about the bloggy give away, you probably know the answer to the title question!! Actually, the title is pobably the most often said question from Noah. Yes, he is using phrases and short sentences. It's truly amazing how God has wired these little ones to absorb and learn languages. Noah is to the point that many 2 year olds are--mommy has to translate for everyone cuz she is the one that understand most everything he says.

We are on our second day of rain showers. I would complain but the grass is turning green and the air is fresh. So, it is very pleasant to open the windows just a crack to let the clean rain air in. I really don't think any of those air fresheners has captured that smell.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Keith and I will be going out to dinner tomorrow night. Our friend, Katie and her friend, Phil, will be watching the kids. Mya loves Katie to pieces and I'm sure Noah will fall in love with her too. Katie, you're a true blessing! Thank you!

6 viewers thoughts.:

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Have a wonderful date with hubby!! I'm jealous!

Kristi said...

Have a great dinner, just the two of you! Sigh, it has been another "work weekend" for us and running these teens around this evening! Tomorrow will be better. Enjoy every bite, and every uninterrupted conversation! You are right, nothing like a fresh spring rain, can't bottle that!

nikki said...

Noah, honey, mommy is on the computer! That is where she is!!!
Hope you enjoy your dinner alone with Keith - I actually got to chat with him the other nite when I was lookin' for surprise!
Love you sweetie! Can't wait to chat again!

Wood n' Whimsy said...

Thanks for entering to win the bracelet. Good luck. God Bless, Celene

OH MY #6 said...

hope you enjoyed. I am sure you have been needing that!


Denise C said...

I love the video of Sweet little Noah climbing down from the stool! So cute! And wow...he is speaking perfectly! The picture on a few posts back of the two of them...close up...with such precious smiles....that is the best picture!!!!
I hope your dinner out with your hubby was just fabulous!