Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Changes Made

Up until today, Mya and Noah were sharing a room but that is history. Noah's nap seems shorter when Mya is in the room with him, even if she is sleeping. Don't understand it but when she sleeps elsewhere, his naps are half an hour longer.
Keith and I talked it over and since the third bedroom upstairs will eventually be Noah's, we moved a bunch of the office stuff out and the crib went in. I also put some curtains, valance and blinds that are no longer in use, in the room to make it darker during sleep times. The old rocker has been in there for a while and Keith has been rocking Noah most nights. So, Noah should be comfortable in there. Hopefully, Keith will be able to take more of his things out so that when Noah needs a "real" bed, it will all fit.
With Erin graduating next year, she will move into the dorms or some other arrangement and then we can claim her room. No worry, Carrie's room is a guest room. So she will have a spot when she comes home. Oh the things we have to consider. Now I just need to be able to do some painting. Any volunteers???

6 viewers thoughts.:

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, what a big boy to have his own room! I am back from Chicago and will be mailing your box tomorrow!

Colleen said...

I'll come paint with you if you come paint with me - my remodeled bathroom.

OH MY #6 said...

good thinkin!


nikki said...

Glad Noah has some space of his own now...longer naptime is ALWAYS a good thing!

Gail said...

Great idea, gosh Noah is a cutie pie. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll help out. Might need to let me know well in advanced though... hehe, sad but true.