Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Boys Wait

Dear Bloggy Friends,

Our agency, Bethany Christian Services, has 3 cleft lip/palate boys and others who wait to be matched with their forever families. I am constantly amazed at how the girls are quickly matched and the boys wait. If you love looking at pictures of Noah and can open your heart to one of these boys (or a boy on your agency's list) contact a social worker. Go HERE (BCS ADOPTABLE CHILDREN) to see the Bethany's waiting children. The Chinese boys are listed there. You will have to search the listings.

Thank You from the boys,


2 viewers thoughts.:

OH MY #6 said...

love the picture Verna!

I only wish I could!


Gail said...

Very cute picture. Thank you for posting this about the boys. Verna you made a comment previously on another blog post after Noah was home about how you wished people would consider adopting little boys and how there were many on the waiting child lists. I just want you to know that you helped me to open my heart to a boy. And now we wait for little William. Thank you Verna. :)