Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Erin spent Saturday taking pictures with a friend. Here is one I found on the laptop. We will be doing graduation picture soon. Yep, I can't believe it!

I am working this 3 day weekend. For those who don't remember, I am a lab tech at a local hospital. I made a switch with a friend. She will be taking my July 4th holiday (thanks Marns). It has been quiet at our little hospital. I am thankful for that because one of the instruments had a cuvette jam and yesterday we had abpower outage. So far, I am unaware of any traffic incidents. However, one of the local towns was badly hit by a tornado. A 2 yr old died and a significant number of injuries. The hospital was without main power for 3 hours. Don't worry. All the important stuff is on auxilliary power. We were able to do our work with only a few minor issues--things that do not have auxilliary power.

I am in a bloggy slump lately and don't feel too inspired to post. I've been keeping up with looking at your blogs through bloglines. I am happy for those who have gotten referrals. It is really wonderful to see more children matched with forever families. Gail at Aging with Grace has posted pictures of her little William.

I hope that you will all keep watching for details on Savannah-Hope's bloggy shower. Laura at Nipper Family of 4 will be hosting it on June 14.

Hope you are all having a great, fun, and safe weekend.

5 viewers thoughts.:

OH MY #6 said...

sounds like you are super busy these days Verna.

Have a nice quiet weekend at work!


Anonymous said...

WOW grad pics already?!? I'm working too. We weren't hit at all, just a little rain. Can't believe all the damage and yet so close to us. Scary!

Mr.Brian said...

What a pretty girl.
The tornado season has been horrible this year.& people died in a tornado in Iowa ,not close to OC though.
Not much blogging here either.Kinda a dry spell I guess.

cammysue said...

Busy days for us all. Thinking of you often....fond memories of Noah's smile! I went back to work this past week. Wow! Work changes a lot of my "home routine"! Love your updates, even in the dry spell! Blessings to all....Cammy

Steffie B. said...

Hope things are going well with you my friend...... ;)