Friday, June 20, 2008

Life in General

Get up cup of coffee and pull up a chair. I need to talk.

Some folks would attribute it to the full moon. Others to an overly busy schedule. Whatever the reason, I'm telling you all that this family is really crabby!!

Noah has been wetting his pants for no apparent reason other than laziness. He has also developed a new, blood curdling scream cry that he uses whenever he does not get his way. This can range from not getting a piece of chocolate to being put to bed. It is very raspy and annoying.
Mya has developed a fear of going to her room by herself. I can't figure out why other than all the storms we are having. She likes to have the light on too. We have put a radio in her room so that Christian music floods the air.

Yes, even I am on the edge. My skin has a nearly constant feeling of prickly-ness. As a person who has been through anxiety attacks, this is a known sign that life is tensing up. Add to that a return of the tight shoulders.

I'm hoping this weekend will be the first one where we will be home all weekend in about a month. However, I see there is an family reunion penciled in on the calendar. So, we can probably make that 6 weekends running where we have had something that we need to attend. Don't get me wrong. Each on is a wonderful event-birthdays, showers, graduations, weddings--all very important and happy times. Somehow, though this body is not quite able to withstand the constant comings and goings.

OK, enough whining on my part. I have read and believe that this current frustrating time will be followed by some new growth. For Noah, hopefully he will be able to speak more clearly. For Mya and me, not sure.

Carrie was home this week and has a little 3 week old kitten that she got from my mom. The poor little thing nearly died one night. I am positive that Jesus kept that kitty alive. He looked like death when I went to bed. I prayed. Keith prayed. Jon prayed. Carrie prayed. The kitty survived and is not doing well. God cares about the little things too.

Erin is home from her yearbook camp and relaxing today. She will watch the kids when I head off to work today. She is planning a trip to see Carrie and Jon. She will be the kitten delivery person since "Scooter" can't fly back with them.

Joe and Rachael are busy with life. No real news on their wedding except that it will be VERY small with a larger reception. They are the lucky kitty sitters until "Scooter" moves to his permanent home in Colorado.

Both Keith and I have spending freezes at our jobs. The economy is taking its toll on everyone. Prayerfully, our jobs will not be threatened. There were already layoffs in our IS department but we are hoping it does not hit the lab.
Summer is here now. We are on our second day of 80 degrees. I'm glad to see it. Just need to get outside a bit more.
Two friends are hoping to have special needs matches. I'll be praying for them. It is an emotional thing to request a child, feeling like there is not a snowball's chance in July to be matched. If God sees to them being matched, there will be a time of great rejoicing. If not, we will cry together, konwing that this is part of the big picture.
Have a great weekend, my friends.

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shelley said...

Wishing you a restful and re-charging weekend. We had a six week prep for our monster yard sale 2 wks ago. We then spent the last weekend getting rid of the left-overs. I can't wait to do nothing

Steffie B. said...

Praying for you my friend and I know you are praying for me! ;)

holly m. said...

Sounds like you've had and have alot on your plate. I know the prickley feeling...I'll be praying.

Don and Be said...

Hopefully, "All Is Quiet on the (Mid)Western Front" soon. I'm thinking that we have rough waters ahead when Joanna Mei gets home very soon. After 20 years of working in an airport and watching adults exhibit strange behavior, I'm hoping I can cut the kid some slack. Wishing you a good weekend.

Mr.Brian said...

So many people I talk to are saying how "BUSY" they are.
I always thought summer was a time to relax.
Guess not having any kids to keep up with I can do that.
Oh by the way, Miss Steffie has sugested you be my next target to pick on.
Hmmmm I may just need to do that.:)
Hope you can get some peace and quiet soon.


i can say our first 3 weeks of summer have not bee a breeze either ... what happen to relaxing non-scheduled summers ...i do pray the screams subside and monsters leave Mya's room ... I pray the prickly feeling leaves you ... my eyes stop working when i get stressed ... lol ... i love ya sweet friend ...

Denise C said...

I am right there with ya on the busy stuff! Whew...I am ready for some major downtime!
Sounds like you and your precious family is busy little bees!
I will pray that Noah decides screaming is not that much fun after all....and that Mya realizes that a quiet empty room is a great place to be!
I will pray for you as well....that you will feel complete calmness over your pricklies!!
Have a blessed weekend...and hope you enjoy the reunion!

MoziEsmé said...

Here's to the end of crabbiness! I love how when you think you've figured your kids out they come up with new challenges (or revert to old ones).

Carrie said...

Dear Verna,

I am lifting you up in prayer along with your family. We all know the strong winds of frustration and challenges will blow but God will give you all the strength you need during these times. Lean on Him, Press into Him and He WILL direct your path and hold you up with His right hand.

Praying for you!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Is that what that prickly feeling is...stress? LOL It sounds like mom needs to hit the spa and leave the kiddy's home! It does get to be too much when there are events planned weekend after weekend. I hope you are enjoying an "event free" weekend! Even Fairy Godmother's get tired...huh? :) Praying for some peace in your life!

April said...

You are an inspiration to me. Through all this that you are going through you pour yourself out to those around you with your love and help. I will be praying for your family. Thank you for all you have done for me and everyone else.