Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not much News

I am incredibly amazed at the number of people who have requested a blog signature. Thank you everyone. Robin emails and says she's crying tears of joy. You are all the best.

Keith and I attended a wedding yesterday. We left the littles at home (not alone) and carpooled with some friends on a 3 hour tour, oops, drive, north of Duluth to see a friend of our family tie the knot. It was a nice ceremony at a marina on Lake Superior. The couple had us throw rocks that they had painted with their names and wedding date into the Lake. We were to make a wish for them. It was pretty neat.

Mowed the hay, yep lawn today. Well, parts of it. I have an uncanny knack to wreck things. Yes, I am careless at times. Today, a root got caught in the blades and stopped them instantly. The belt on the mower was ruined and Keith changed the blades to get it running again. I mowed for about another 15 minutes and I was being careful now but for reasons only known to God, the belt busted again. So, since that one was the spare, no more riding mower. Out came the push mower and I got my workout and I didn't even finish. I was just plain sweaty and tired. So I went in the house. AND GUESS WHAT!? It rained again. What is up with that????

Carrie, if you read this, get back to your studying. Your finals are way more important that reading this post. :p Can't wait to see you on Saturday!!

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Anonymous said...

Quite and eventful day with the lawn mower, eh? Looked like it was going to rain all day and it didn't til evening. I should be at church next week, hopefully the family BBQ will be in the afternoon so I can see y'all! It's been awhile!
P.S. found something for Noah's bday cake. Hopefully he'll like 'em maybe you can tell him they are Jonah characters, hehe. I'll give it to you on Sunday.

redmaryjanes said...

We had rain and hail this weekend. Crazy! I'm sorry about your mower. Ours is broken too.

I am trying to put together an adoption book list for parents and children on the new blog No Place Like Home.

Do you have any books you would like to recommend?

OH MY #6 said...

the wedding sounds lovely. Have a good week Verna.

I love my new siggy. thank you.


Carrie said...

hey, i will probably post up some pics that i did for my finals. you should check them out sometime...

and hey, i need a break sometime

The Princess's Mommy said...

Almost every blog I've been to today has a new siggy! You're awesome!


you are busy as always ... I do need to add a signature on my page ... i don't think i have that email anymore ... what do i do and who do i send a check to ??? love how you help so many out ... we are having another GNO at my house this weekend to raise money for a friend starting the adoption process ... so many children to bring home ...

Steffie B. said...

you crack me up...can't believe how many siggy's I am seeing! ;)

Denise C said...

Love your signatures!!!You are so very talented!!!
I love to add one too....I left you a comment on the other blog....but I thought I'd leave on here email is
Also, like Gwen...please advise me how and where to send $$$. You are so precious to do this for another friend that is adopting! God surely does amazing things in and through you!!!

Sweet Blessings,

Mr.Brian said...

Ummm remind me to never ask you to mow MY lawn.