Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red White and Blue Sunday


It's a bit fuzzy but here is a sampling of our attire for today's Children's service.

Later in the evening, still sporting the R,W&B clothing, they played outside with daddy and kitty.
Kitty (Scooter) will go home to Denver later this week.

NOTE: Scooter spent a day in the animal hospital on Thursday. He was having trouble breathing due to pneumonia. Poor little guy was also constipated. So, we got some meds and a lesson on how to get a kitten to poop. (Email if you would like help in that area.) He is doing much better. His energy levels are higher and he is eating like crazy. We keep his little cat cage warmed with a heating blanket. This kitty is living in the RITZ!

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The Johnson Family said...

Verna your kids are beautiful!!!! I love the new header they are adorable in thier clothes from china!!!