Sunday, July 06, 2008

Travel Terms

This little guy is a prime example of the things that you accumulate on trips. He and his twin (yes, 2 juvenile Ronald MacDonald's) are now inhabiting the Mazda. Why, I ask you, do we think that these little pieces of plastic will entertain our children for more than 2 minutes? I don't know?? I suckered up and now I have more junk than before.

So, I have invented a new term--DEJUNK. I double checked to make sure it was not already a word. So here you go. The multiple meanings of dejunk as defined by me--mother of 2 small kids, 3 and 4 years old, but equally applied to all ages.

Dejunk--removing the trash from any space. Used in a sentence: We stopped many times to dejunk the Mazda while in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This term can be applied to closets, teenager's rooms and garages equally as needed.

Dejunk--the stuff you remove from the car. Proper usage: We had to remove dejunk from the car (or decar, if dat makes you feel better) in order to see the kids (dekids). This term is kind of a hickized (yes, another new term) for trash, garbage and other unnecessary paraphernalia that accumulates while traveling.
How about you? Do you have some words that only you and your family understand? If so, feel free to share. Thanks for the fun.

6 viewers thoughts.:

redmaryjanes said...

I like dejunk. That's a great word!

cammysue said...

I second that! I love this word. It is going to be part of my vocabulary from now on! Love the photos and updates as always! Cammy


I DEJUNK daily in my car, my kitchen, the playroom, the bedrooms, and my purse ... perhaps I could be the DEJUNK FAIRY .... hee hee

nikki said...

Ah yes...dejunk! I am always saying I need to get ALL "dejunk" out of my car/Lily's room/my office, etc...hehe.

We don't have any made up words that I can think of, but we call each other (and now Lily) SO many made-up nicknames. Most of them have "booty" somewhere in them...don't ask me why!? I think that is Jay's influence!

Anyway, I miss you. Hope your week is off to a good start.

Steffie B. said...

Oh yes....I just dejunked the playroom today as a matter of fact. And I still need to dejunk a few more areas of the house. As far as the Mama Machine....oh needs some serious dejunking! ;)

The Shocks said...

Greg always wants me to dejunk every time I get out of the car. I don't have the energy for that.