Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zoo Shots #2

Minnesota has a wonderful "free" zoo--Como. At this time they recommend a small donation. I am sure that eventually it will be a payment.
After seeing the animals and eating a corn dog, we went to the amusement park that is affiliated with Como Zoo. The kids were in ecstasy! Noah's face beamed while riding in the little cars. He was actually laughing out loud on one of the last ones. Pure joy!!
Today we have the Church picnic. Sure to be a hit!!
(Make sure to look at the first set of photos in yesterday's post.)

3 viewers thoughts.:

OH MY #6 said...

looks great Verna!



looks like a blast ... we are trying to plan us a fun trip soon ... Scott has worked so much this summer we haven't had any fun family trips ...

thanks for being crazy w/ me .. i knew i could count on you !!!!

Michelle said...

Looks like the kids had lots of fun, Verna....and your hubby, too! : )

I love the top photo of him and Noah eating corn dogs together!

Have a great week!!!