Friday, October 24, 2008

Can you say BUSY ? ! ? !

I know that some of you have been wondering what has happened to me. My posting has gone down a whole lot. There just are so many things happening. Let me mention a few.

First, Noah: He is a wonderful little boy but families still need adjustment time even with wonderful little boys! Some days run smoothly, others not so smoothly. Most recently, we have been to the International Adoption Clinic and the hand specialist. Noah's surgery is scheduled for Nov 3, at 7:30 AM -- prayers accepted. Next Wed, we will be at our pediatrician for a pre-op check (Mya will get a well check too.)

My Work: After considerable deliberation, I have resigned my current job and will start a new one on Oct 28. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

I'm working this weekend --my last at my current employment. Then next week I start at the afamed ****. I'm looking forward to a bigger setting but there will be SO much to learn. They are a Level 1 trauma center--one of three here in MN and one of 2 burn centers. They serve EVERYONE whether they have insurance or not. So, they are growing while other health care groups are laying off employees. I believe that God is in this one because I have been thinking a lot lately about "whatever you do for the least of these". Just typing it makes me tear up. **** serves the homeless, bums, criminals, drug abusers, etc. --truly what we typically consider to be the least of these.

Mya: Attends preschool twice a week. I believe because we have been very busy with my job change, the wood flooring and thinking about moving, she has had 3 night terrors this week. Last night went well but I deliberately did not go anywhere all day. We just stayed home and rested quietly. I even made Keith take the night off from the floor. We played puzzles, blocks and goofed around. It was a much needed "vacation" from our current hectic state.

Keith: Still working on the floor!! And other home improvements are in the works including some new carpeting and fresh paint.

Erin: WHO IS THAT??? Oh yeah, the young lady who resides downstairs. She is so busy we rarely see her--school, work, friends -- not sure that is the right order ;)

Above are some photos of what I did this morning. It is an annual ritual to blow the leaves off the lawn here in MN. For us, it is done 2-3 times a week until it snows, in hopes that there will be very few left on the grass when the white stuff falls. In the pictures, you will see our grass (the green stuff, tee hee) and our landscaping (still covered with leaves cuz didn't worry about that today).

Have a great weekend!! Don't forget to go over to to say "HI" to LaLa and wish little Coby "welcome to your family".

4 viewers thoughts.:

Kristin said...

Oh I hope Mya's night terrors lessen some. Anna Grace has been getting up during the night because daddy is traveling for work. That is hard enough on me!

Best of luck in your new job. Will be anxious to see how it goes!!!

Love the new floors! Hardwood is great. Easy to clean but shows ALL the dust bunnies. Rats!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Your new job sounds like its a great place for someone with a BIG heart...perfect fit! I hope the night terrors end for little Maya and that Noah's adjustment continues in a positive way. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in things and forget that the little ones need more of us...ha...don't I know it! I'm sure your kids enjoyed game night. Sunday will be day 100 on the LOA wait...would you wave your magic wand...PLEASE!!! I have been trying to get to Mia for 10 months now. :::sigh::: Speaking of night terrors...I hear Lauren on the monitor. Good Night!

Steffie B. said...

I can so relate to the business of life....I hope you new job is rewarding to you my sweet friend...and I will keep Noah in my prayers....

D said...

OHH how I feel your pain! The Boy has night terrors and you just can't explain them to people who have not been through them! His trigger seems to be having no nap. If he skips a nap, you can bet your in for quite a night! His started almost a year ago. I pray he out grows them soon. It saps you emotionally as well as physically. I'll pray for Mya too.