Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who has Grown More?

Firstly, let me tell you that I had to look long and hard to make sure the top picture was Kinko and not her brother Scooter. You will remember we kitty sat little Scooter, took him to his parents and then adopted Kinko, the carbon copy of Scooter.
Kinko has grown large enough to be spayed and declawed. They do it at 5 months now. I'm hoping she is full grown. Our other cats (toms) got to be 18 lbs--huge! Kinko is walking around rather gingerly with her sore paws.
It occurred to me that Noah may feel similar after his surgery. He will have a cast on to protect his fingers and the graft harvest spot on his arm near the inside of his elbow (anticubital area). We will have to restrict active play for a bit too--no daycare center for the first week.
Happy Saturday!

2 viewers thoughts.:

amy said...

these pics are too sweet!

Kristi said...

Said a prayer for Noah already and for you friend as you start a new job adventure. May Mya's sleep be more peaceful too. These are busy days for sure!