Sunday, November 09, 2008

Noah and Dad Updates

Hmmm . . . what is the white stuff ? ? ?

Bath time is even more interesting these days. Noah is not allowed to get his cast wet but he definitely needs to soak for a bit. After some thought, I put a bread bag over the cast and used one of these decorative socks (thanks Jo S.) to keep the cast from getting wet. Even if he forgets and lets his arm slip off the edge of the tub, it is protected. So far it has worked well.

We visited dad at the nursing home yesterday. He pulled Mya up in his lap so we could get a picture. Noah wasn't willing to get in there. Dad kept trying to stand up but they have an alarm on him so that he doesn't fall. We talked a bit and left when dad was worn out. Mya wanted to know when GP was going home to live with GM again. Noah keeps saying " why gampa in wheel chair?" I keep telling him that GP's legs don't work very well. In time, dad could walk again but he is pretty weak right now. He did complain that his butt hurt. :)

Had to get a picture with GM too. She's doing pretty good but the whole thing pretty much absorbs her mind as you would expect. Visitors are a much needed distraction.

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Kim Kenward said...

Verna - I love seeing how well Noah is doing with his cast. I'm getting nervous about our upcoming surgery and how the heck I'm going to dress a toddler in a hand to shoulder cast. Are you buying extra big shirts and a larger than normal coat? I'd love to talk to you about your experiences. I love his kitty protective sock on his cast.

Here's my email address:

Kim Kenward

holly m. said...

Aww, Verna,

My heart hurts for you and your Mom. I'm happy to hear that your Dad could walk again at some time and happy to hear that he is willing to complain a bit (not that his rump is hurting) just that he still has the gumpshun TO state how he feels!!

Noah is looking good. Does he say that his hand is hurting or is he pretty much pain free?

Take care,
Holly M.

Nikki said...

Your whole family has been on my mind and in my prayers this week, V.
Thanks for the you sweetie.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

That's a great idea with the cast. I thought someone painted a kitty on his cast. LOL Looking at your parents makes me feel sad. It must be lonely for both of them. I pray your dad heals quickly and IS walking again! You look like your mommy! :) Hugs to you!!!

Steffie B. said...

I have beent hinking and praying for you....I'm so glad to see this update.....hope you are well. ;)

redmaryjanes said...

You have been on my mind Verna and I have been praying for your Dad and your family. I'm glad to see that he is doing ok.
Know that you have friends who care about you. :)

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Just thinking about your dad and hoping he is doing better!


Steffie B. said...

Hoping things are still improving....thinking of you sweet friend! ;)