Sunday, December 14, 2008

Easy Christmas Cookies

Rolling and cutting is not my deal. So, when I found that the local grocery stores sell Christmas cut out cookies ready to bake, I was very pleased. I get the smell of the cookies and the kids get to do the part that they really enjoy. Some canned frosting, food coloring and various sprinkles and they are happy as clams (where does that saying come from, anyway??). Noah only decorated the two cookies. He spent his time rearranging the frosting and tasting it. As you can see, his hands and face were pretty blue when we were done. They took a bath afterward and I cleaned up the mess.

5 viewers thoughts.:

Kim Kenward said...

what yummy sweet pictures. I'm all about pre-cut cookies. I think we need to pick some up before Josie's surgery on Thursday. You've inspired me. Have a great week.

PS. I never got to Walmart to find those kitty socks. I need to sneak away from work this week and search for those special socks.

Anonymous said...

haha awesome!

Mr.Brian said...

Like that idea of the cut out cookies.
Better yet someone to clean up the mess.

amy said...

how fun!!!

Kristi said...

I too have wondered about the origin of that saying as I do not think of clams as particularly .....happy. Great cookies though to get back to the main event! Great job Noah and MYa......yummy! I have not seen those pre-cut cookies before!