Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Feels like Vacation

After some training at **** hospital, I am back to working 5 days a payperiod. Because I work this coming weekend, I have Tues-Fri off this week. All of this worked out very well as Noah is getting his cast off TOMORROW--yippeee!!! And Friday, he has a followup eye appointment.

Because I am home, Keith also scheduled the carpet layers to come on Friday. The house is in total disarray due to moving all the furniture and junk out of the areas that are being carpeted. I'm looking at it as another opportunity to get rid of stuff that is not being used. Keith has been doing the final touches on the wood flooring. He had left the carpet/floor junctions thinking something special needed to be done but has figured out what to do now. Pictures will be posted following the carpet laying.

Otherwise, not much is new here. I'm getting anxious to put the house on the market but nothing can be done while the house is such a mess.
Here is a photo because, let's face it, no post is complete without one! Fortunately, the marker came off Noah's face easily. However, it did not come off the sofa behind him as well. Momma was not a happy gal!!

6 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

That picture made me chuckle! He did a very nice job of drawing a beard on himself. Well done! Too bad the 'beard' got on the sofa as well.

Take care, Steph

Kim Kenward said...

Yippee on Noah's cast! Just as he's getting his cast off, we're gearing up for Josie's operation and cast.

I know it's not pleasant to have marker on the wall, but I love Noah's beard (hee hee).

You sound incredibly busy right now with all the home projects. Hang in there.

Kristin said...

Ohhhh, is that permanent marker on Noah's face? Which means permanent marker on the couch? Been there. We can only have our cushions turned one way on our couch or the decorative touches left by Anna Grace will show. :-)

Laura L. said...

Gotta love this photo! Any mom who has had a child do this kind of thing can sympathize.

Jadyn saw it and she asked if he got into trouble. :) She asked,"Was his mommy mad?"

redmaryjanes said...

Oh my word, priceless! He looks like Abraham Lincoln!

Gail said...

Oh my...the marker on Noah's face made me giggle. Not funny that it got on the sofa. That is great that his cast is coming off!