Monday, June 30, 2008

Too Funny!!

When I first looked in the porch, I saw the kitty was habing his hair combed.

Then I looked again when I heard "cut, cut".

Do you think he will miss the kitty????

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red White and Blue Sunday


It's a bit fuzzy but here is a sampling of our attire for today's Children's service.

Later in the evening, still sporting the R,W&B clothing, they played outside with daddy and kitty.
Kitty (Scooter) will go home to Denver later this week.

NOTE: Scooter spent a day in the animal hospital on Thursday. He was having trouble breathing due to pneumonia. Poor little guy was also constipated. So, we got some meds and a lesson on how to get a kitten to poop. (Email if you would like help in that area.) He is doing much better. His energy levels are higher and he is eating like crazy. We keep his little cat cage warmed with a heating blanket. This kitty is living in the RITZ!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kitty Duty

It turns out that big brother did not end up taking this little "Scooter" kitten. Carrie didn't feel that Joe and Rachael had quite enough time to properly attend to his needs. Someone is always home here and Joe/Rach both work. The little guy needs to be fed every 2-3 hours--yes, even at night. So, we got the job. He's pretty cute but takes a bit of time as would be expected. He will move to Colorodo over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Life in General

Get up cup of coffee and pull up a chair. I need to talk.

Some folks would attribute it to the full moon. Others to an overly busy schedule. Whatever the reason, I'm telling you all that this family is really crabby!!

Noah has been wetting his pants for no apparent reason other than laziness. He has also developed a new, blood curdling scream cry that he uses whenever he does not get his way. This can range from not getting a piece of chocolate to being put to bed. It is very raspy and annoying.
Mya has developed a fear of going to her room by herself. I can't figure out why other than all the storms we are having. She likes to have the light on too. We have put a radio in her room so that Christian music floods the air.

Yes, even I am on the edge. My skin has a nearly constant feeling of prickly-ness. As a person who has been through anxiety attacks, this is a known sign that life is tensing up. Add to that a return of the tight shoulders.

I'm hoping this weekend will be the first one where we will be home all weekend in about a month. However, I see there is an family reunion penciled in on the calendar. So, we can probably make that 6 weekends running where we have had something that we need to attend. Don't get me wrong. Each on is a wonderful event-birthdays, showers, graduations, weddings--all very important and happy times. Somehow, though this body is not quite able to withstand the constant comings and goings.

OK, enough whining on my part. I have read and believe that this current frustrating time will be followed by some new growth. For Noah, hopefully he will be able to speak more clearly. For Mya and me, not sure.

Carrie was home this week and has a little 3 week old kitten that she got from my mom. The poor little thing nearly died one night. I am positive that Jesus kept that kitty alive. He looked like death when I went to bed. I prayed. Keith prayed. Jon prayed. Carrie prayed. The kitty survived and is not doing well. God cares about the little things too.

Erin is home from her yearbook camp and relaxing today. She will watch the kids when I head off to work today. She is planning a trip to see Carrie and Jon. She will be the kitten delivery person since "Scooter" can't fly back with them.

Joe and Rachael are busy with life. No real news on their wedding except that it will be VERY small with a larger reception. They are the lucky kitty sitters until "Scooter" moves to his permanent home in Colorado.

Both Keith and I have spending freezes at our jobs. The economy is taking its toll on everyone. Prayerfully, our jobs will not be threatened. There were already layoffs in our IS department but we are hoping it does not hit the lab.
Summer is here now. We are on our second day of 80 degrees. I'm glad to see it. Just need to get outside a bit more.
Two friends are hoping to have special needs matches. I'll be praying for them. It is an emotional thing to request a child, feeling like there is not a snowball's chance in July to be matched. If God sees to them being matched, there will be a time of great rejoicing. If not, we will cry together, konwing that this is part of the big picture.
Have a great weekend, my friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Sumup

WHAT A WEEK!! I worked 3 evenings, which always takes a toll. The siggies and blogs are still going strong. We drove out to Fairfax, MN on Friday for wedding rehearsal. Here are some pictures from yesterday's fun. We spent some time at a park in Redwood Falls in the morning and then headed to my nephew, David's, wedding. It was a very nice day and beautiful wedding. Today was a cleaning and grocery day. Carrie and Jon are in town from Denver for a few days. Erin will be at yearbook camp most of the week. Are you keeping this all straight? Oh, well, neither am I!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not much News

I am incredibly amazed at the number of people who have requested a blog signature. Thank you everyone. Robin emails and says she's crying tears of joy. You are all the best.

Keith and I attended a wedding yesterday. We left the littles at home (not alone) and carpooled with some friends on a 3 hour tour, oops, drive, north of Duluth to see a friend of our family tie the knot. It was a nice ceremony at a marina on Lake Superior. The couple had us throw rocks that they had painted with their names and wedding date into the Lake. We were to make a wish for them. It was pretty neat.

Mowed the hay, yep lawn today. Well, parts of it. I have an uncanny knack to wreck things. Yes, I am careless at times. Today, a root got caught in the blades and stopped them instantly. The belt on the mower was ruined and Keith changed the blades to get it running again. I mowed for about another 15 minutes and I was being careful now but for reasons only known to God, the belt busted again. So, since that one was the spare, no more riding mower. Out came the push mower and I got my workout and I didn't even finish. I was just plain sweaty and tired. So I went in the house. AND GUESS WHAT!? It rained again. What is up with that????

Carrie, if you read this, get back to your studying. Your finals are way more important that reading this post. :p Can't wait to see you on Saturday!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Here are a few things that have happened in the last few days.

*Mya put a popcorn seed in her ear. Erin was able to get it out. Lesson learned.

*Noah fell off my bed. We reiterated the "3 little monkeys" concept. We have quite a few falls this week--down the stairs once, too. Poor boy has a bumpy head now. ;)

*Met Keith's parents for lunch on Saturday and then went to my nephew's grad party. It was a full day deal because most of our family live nearly 3 hours away.

*Went to a baby shower on Sunday afternoon. Very nice. Will be sending more baby things Dena's way as I find them in my closets. We love ya Dena and baby Zion.

*Redid my Blog Fairy Blog, made over 2 new clients (Desi & Carol) and , made a digital plaque for Nancy at Asennd, a sidebar link for a gal and the IA blog that Kim started. Please go over and say Hi to Desi and Carol--really neat ladies.

*Decided the big girls are not going to use all that stuff that is stored in the hall closet near their room. Bagged it up and put it in the trunk of my car to deliver to collection site.

*Found out I was doing some of my PT exercises incorrectly and they were causing my recent pain flare.

*Joe and Rachael got engaged!! Joe proposed on Pike's Peak!! Go to Carrie's blog in my sidebar to see pictures. Joe and Rach were visiting Carrie last week. Way to go Joe. Now I'll actually be able to call Rach my daughter-in-law instead of girlfriend of 6 years.

That's all I can think of at this time.