Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Whew! This past December was a blurry one. I'm really not sure what happened but it just got so messy. I'm sure the holidays, having a sick dad, 2 preschoolers, one teenage daughter at home, a college student in Colorado and a son who seems to be prone to car collisions, has something to do with it, but I digress. (Did I mention prepping the house for sale?--I digress, again.) I am finally feeling like I am coming out of the fog and returning to life. Christmas is over and a new year is here. There is so much to hope for. Friends will be matched with children and families will grow. We will move into a new house. Erin graduates HS. Mya will start Kindergarten; Noah, preschool. My oldest may even get married. That's just the ones I can think of right now. I'm sure there are lots more. I hope that all of you are seeing the blessings of the new year come in to focus too.
PS Noah did not get glasses. He just likes fooling around with my old glasses.

7 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

all i can say is OOFTA! :o)

Don and Be said...

Happy New Year to your tribe! Y'all have been busy!

Steffie B. said...

goodness....I am tired jsut reading it's too bad Noah really didn't get glasses.....I think he looks very


Nikki said...

I agree, December went by in a blur...bring on a new year - I couldn't agree more about 2009 being a GREAT one!!!

Noah looks adorable in your old glasses, by the way.

Gail said...

Happy New Year Verna, to you and your family! Hope it's a great one. I didn't know you were moving.
Noah is awfully cute. William will start preschool also in the Fall. :)

dumblingmama said...

Noah would look great in glasses! 2008 was a blur!!

Leigh Ann said...

Wow - what a month...hope you get some rest in the new year!