Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's all about Staging

Yep, more on the big move preparation. This is my entry way. It's hard to tell that this is about two car trunks full of treasures waiting to be picked up by the Lupus Foundation. Bless them for coming to get it all.

As for staging, I am now rearranging bookshelves to look less packed with videos and books. Don't want to look cluttered. Closets have been cleaned and de-junked. Furniture that was looking tattered has been sold and won't be replaced until we find our new home. As you can tell, I am obsessed with this process. It eats up my every moment and I am mentally exhausted.

I am about at the end of my proverbial rope getting this house ready. I have emailed Keith to tell him that we need to do it now, before I go entirely crazy. There is only some minor painting to be done and a couple other things like recaulking around the tubs and then it will be as best we can make it. God just has to be in this because I am not able to make it sell at a good price on my own power. Only he can send the right buyer.

OK, kid updates. Mya and Noah are back to daycare today. I think they will be happy to be with other kids. Too much TV watching at home lately. They did get outside for a few minutes this morning but Noah's boots were forgotten at daycare. So, his stint was short lived. Sorry, no kid pics today.

Catch you all later. ~v

3 viewers thoughts.:

Kim K. said...

Best wishes with staging, purging and getting the house ready for the market. I don't envy you.

How soon before Noah started feeling comfortable using his hand again? Josie was hesitant to use her right hand last night and the bubble bath completely wigged her out. She was terrified of getting her arm and hand wet. I just posted a new update on our blog. I sooo appreciate all your insight, Verna.

Carrie said...

you better not get rid of all our toys from when we were kids. all three of us will be really mad! we want something to show our kids, which means your grandkids in less than 5 years!!!

Anonymous said...

wow looks like you've been busy. i'll have to come over one more time for old times sake before you move. :o) remember to take a breather here and there- good luck with all your de-junking.
- katie