Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Latest

This is our house.
This is Keith's garage. Tears may fall when it is all final.

For those interested, we signed papers today to sell the house. Keith and I have had about 6-8 months to work through our emotions but I'm sure there will be more. Mya and Noah now talk about the new house (over by Jenny's house) and the big kids are still coming to grips with losing the home of their youth. It is quite an emotional roller coaster ride to sell a home you have live in for 13.5 years. Not easy but all for good reasons. So, if you want acreage north of the Minneapolis Metro, just start looking on the MLS and you may find us. OR, you can just email me and I'll send you to our realtor.
Here's Noah, just a few minutes ago. I always have to tell him not to tip his head back and not to close his eyes. He's watching Diego right now. He is the kind of kid that responds to all the things that Diego tells them to do. It's funny to watch or listen to.

Here is Mya in the Fairy outfit she got for Chrismas. I had her pose as best she could. She's already out of it and on to her Sleeping Beauty princess outfit. No question, she IS a princess!

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Kim K. said...

Best wishes with your house selling. I understand how bittersweet it really is. We bought my grandparents home after they died. Fixed it up. I took a new job and we moved. It's hard. But, we've made new memories.

PS. I love all your snow. It looks like my West Michigan.

Laura L. said...

Maybe we should just trade houses. :) Your place looks like something we'd enjoy and I believe you're thinking of moving to our neck of the woods. There you go!

Our oldest might be a little upset since they just moved close to us this year.

I know it's hard to leave a house. We get so attached. I do hope that the sell and move will be as easy as possible for all.

Home is where family is and soon your new place will be quite homey too. Keep us updated. :)

Anonymous said...

man do i miss those kids! good luck with the house selling. i'll see if my neighbor's girl found a place yet- i'll send her your way.

Steffie B. said...

they are both just too cute.....I'm sure the new house will be fabulous..... :)

Mr.Brian said...

I totaly understand your fears.
My parents moves last June after living in the same home for 45 years.
They coulsd not be happier in their new home.
Only thing is dad did not get rid of much junk,it just got moved to the basement of their new place.Sorry to say it has a huge basement.

Don and Be said...

Happy CNY!

Hoping the house sale goes smoothly.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Your home looks so nice...especially the land! I'm drooling over the snow...none has landed over here yet. I can see why your hubby would cry leaving that garage. Your garage looks exactly like the house I grew up in. I'm not kidding! I hope that your home sells at just the right time and that you find the perfect little place to bloom! :)


The Johnson Family said...

awhh selling is so hard we have our house on the market as well and it is serious work keeping it :ready: to be looked at in a moments notice with our five little monkeys!! do you ahve pics of the new house?