Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter--Gotta Love it!!

Today, we are part of a cold wave that has hit the US and Canada. Fortunately, unlike areas of China last year, we are accustomed to such great dips in temperature. Keith told me the outside temp (according to the thermometer on his Explorer) was -29. The house thermometer registered -22. Yep, that's cold. Schools are closed so that kids don't have to wait outside for buses. I was appauled to see a reporter on the Today Show, reporting -20 from Chicago--he had NO head covering. Maybe the next time we see him, he will be doing a report on frostbite, documenting his own trip to the ER--FOOL and bad example! I digress. Fortunately, the littles and I have no plans for today. We will flip on the fireplace and enjoy.

What else will I do today?? Lots of Sprout, Noggin and PBS--continually. I will also continue my efforts to declutter the house. Unfortunately, when I bent down to pick up a crate for books, I used poor ergonomics and felt a serious pull in my back. Yes, I should know better. I had already started doing exercises earlier this week due to some minor pulling. Now I'm hoping it was enough to spare me from a major episode. I could avoid much of this if I were committed to doing exercises daily but I am not. So, today may include some heat and ice on the back too.
Wherever you are, stay warm and if you can go outside, do so for us. We are getting cabin fever.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

it's a cold one today! glad my car started- i don't have the luxury of a garage. a day at home sounds really nice!

Laura L. said...

This cold is ridiculous. Our schools did not close today. Jadyn had preschool and I almost didn't take her. I so wanted to stay in and not experience the frigid weather.
I decided to go out just to have some time for me.
What does -20 feel like...It burns right through the jeans. Ow!

JShannon said...

This morning my car said it was 15 degrees. They would never cancel school around here because its too cold. Sometimes I wish they would, then I would not have to get up and start the car to take them to the bus stop. Our bus stop is at the end of our driveway which is 1/2 mile long, that would be one cold walk !

Mr.Brian said...

Yes this cold is terrible,makes me think of those in Alaska and Canada.Makes me thankful for a home and not being homeless.
Now as for your lifting poorly..... shame,shame ,shame and in the health field we should know better.I catch myself so often.Glad for i buproffin.
So where are you moving to if you are preparing to list your house?? N.W.Iowa?????