Friday, February 06, 2009

Go Ahead, Stick Out Your Tongue

Noah's speaking skills have become a source of frustration as of late. He can use big words in complicated sentences but I can't understand or decifer what he is saying. So, I had him seen by the pediatrician to make sure his ears were not plugged with wax. They were not. So, we got a referral to the speech therapist.

Today's evaluation went pretty well. Noah lost interest about 30 minutes into it but it was enough to determine that he has APRAXIA. Basically, he can't always make his tongue obey his brain. A frequent example for him is that he can say mom but uses monny instead of mommy.
It is very difficult for him to move his tongue from side to side and it seems short and flat. This is one case where sticking out his tongue will be acceptable behavior. We will actually be practicing by putting peanut butter or frosting in the corner of his mouth and having him lick it off. Above, he is sticking his tongue to the left after just one application of cheese dip to that side of his mouth. I had not done the right side and he was unable to put his tongue to the right when I wanted to take a picture.

He will be starting therapy in a week or so and the therapist is thinking there should be excellent outcomes. We will be calling it speech school because he has been wanting to go to school with Mya for a while. Hopefully, he will improve quickly.

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Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hi Verna,
This is so interesting to me because I have the same trouble with understanding my daughter who just turned 4. We had a speech path. evaluate her last fall and basically he said she was ok, with-in the norm. We will do another evaluation this spring with him. She has trouble using her tongue and often skips sounds that if she looks at me and takes her time she can say correctly. At this point all I do is try to understand and let it go. The EI program suggested the speech eval. and we did a couple with the school only to have them tell us she is within the perimitors for her age. I know she will need speech, it's just not going to happen before she goes to school as we see it so far. Hope it works for you!! I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Kim K. said...

Fascinating. I'm glad you shared that information. We aren't having speech issues, but I know of other adoptive families who are struggling. Get the word out there is important. Keep us posted on his speech school progress.

PS. I love your blog spring makeover.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas will be starting "speech school" soon as well. Although he is too young to go to the classroom, the speech therapist will either come to our home to work with him or go to day care. We're looking forward to getting started!

Take care, Steph

Mr.Brian said...

I've never heard of such a thing before.Interestin!!!!
And having peanut butter ofr frosting put on the corner of your mouth and licking it can't be bad either.
Have fun with you guests.

Oatsvall Team said...

never heard of that ... i am sure Noah will love speech school ... Maggie can say most words, but when she gets mad she just mumbles ...keep us posted on the therapy ...

love ya ...