Friday, February 20, 2009

Toitty Talk

Sometimes this little Noah just cracks me up. He says the funniest things! I just wish I could write them all down but I am too busy laughing.

Yesterday, after a BM, he looks in toilet, starts to flush, says "Bye, bye poo poo. Have a nice trip. See ya yater."

And, the picture, well, he asked me to take it one day. Hmmm . . . can you tell why I laugh at this funny little man??

5 viewers thoughts.:

judy said...

how cute!

Laura L. said...

The funny things they do are a huge source of joy aren't they?

I see there's no paper on the roll next to him. Looks like my house. :)

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

That is a hoot!!! Lauren calls it "chocolate". She says... "Mom I made chocolate, but I can't eat this chocolate, its yucky". At least she has enough sense not to eat it. LOL

Noah is such a cutey patootey...I have always thought that!!! :)


holly m. said...

He's a handsome sweet heart, Verna!

My Mom told me that I use to say, "Bye, Bye, see you in the morning!"to my jobby as a tot!

Anna told me the other day that hers was a Rattlesnake!!:) I about fell over laughing!

I just love the things little people say!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

What a funny and cute photo of your little guy! Looks like he has worked out the balancing act there!