Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ramblings of a Mom



Not sure why but I haven't felt I've had much to post lately. Seems we are the most boring family around! I know the kids have said and done funny things but if I don't post them right away, they get forgotten. Anyone else have that problem.
Tonight, for instance, Mya had a pull up on her head with her face sticking out of the leg hole and now she has the pull up on over her pants. What's up with that???
To add to our oddness, I found some frozen Christmas cookies and decided to treat my sweet tooth. So they will be popped in the oven in a few minutes. No frosting available. Therefore, less mess and calories but still very tasty. Oh great! I just went upstairs to put the cookies in the oven and the kids are eating the frozen cutout cookies! See you in the ER! ;)
I have the TV show "House" running in the background as I type. What a crazy show! I work in medicine and I can't even follow it. It is intriguing but strange.
Last week's open house went OK. Two families dropped by, one of which could be a good contact. Our realtor is doing a good job.
Noah's language improves. I have that from the daycare workers who can tell a difference. Mya's preschool collected food for the foodshelf. My camera needs batteries and I only remember when I take it out to snap a picture. Yep, I'm out of it lately. Fortunately, I found the batteries to snap the above pictures for your viewing pleasure. AND yes, Noah is playing with cookie dough in the last picture.
SO, why am I unable to think clearly and post to my blog?? My head is filled with HTML programming from working on blogs. Becky and I are doing an all out promo for Busy Mama Blog Design. We have done some nice ones and hope that others will contact Becky for a blog makeover. We are also expanding the biz into the WordPress venue. That was a challenge for this little brain. BUT, by the grace of God, a breakthrough was made and two designs were up and running. Now we have two clients to design. Should be fun. I do love creating/designing blogs almost more than blogging and that's the truth!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Up? Wednesday

Guess all this "life" stuff is just getting in the way of blogging. Well, I actually have been in the blog world, just not posting. I keep pretty up-to-date with my bloglines and the ones on my follow list. Pretty handy tools. Other than that, Becky and I have started working on expanding Busy Mama in to new markets--Word Press and Live Journal. Pretty challenging for me. I have the pleasure of learning how to crack the codes. Actually, both use similar systems but I have some new tricks to learn. Won't bore you with any more of that.

Noah's speech class is going well. He is clear more often. We are working hard on the letter F right now. Who would have know it would be hard to make that sound. B's and P's are coming along rather well. My pet peeve is that he calls me "Monny". It gets so under my skin. His therapist has worked with him on it but he can't get it out on the fly. So, I have started making him say mommy 5 times each time he says it wrong. He does get frustrated. So I have a fine line to walk.

Mya is keeping busy with all of life. Preschool goes on as usual. Missed this past Monday because Mya had strep on Sunday. When she said she wanted to stay home, I didn't argue.

Keith and I keep busy. The housing market truly is crummy. We have only had one showing. Our realtor brought out a bunch of other Realtors yesterday to have them view our property and answer a questionnaire. Some of the comments sting but our realtor said to take them with a grain of salt as one realtor never had a teenager (Erin's room is um mm . . . messy . . . when did teenager become synonymous with PIG?) and one was a total neat-nick (said we had too much clutter . . huh!). Today I am cleaning E's room and de-cluttering Keith's office. I refuse to buy new appliances or carpeting at this time. Can't do much outside until it all greens up. There really is only so much we can do/afford to do.

Above is picture of them outside in bare feet. The reaction . . . . BRRRRRRRRRR!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo Catch-up Friday

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've posted. Life just keeps on happening. I've been working on blogs with Busy Mama (Becky) and we are introducing designs on WordPress now. The kids are busy with their normal activities. We are so hoping for warm weather. They want to go outside and swing and play on their Dora and Diego Trikes. Come on Spring!
Mya Tries Braids.

Daddy and Noah change oil in Mommy's car.

Noah practices cutting skills, builds fine motor skills.

Kitty Naps with Noah.