Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Testimony of God's Leading

I have shared that the Bilbys have accepted referral for Jada. I was blessed to be aware of the referral prior to the official acceptance. Becky gave me a call the first day but I was not available and missed the call. She called again the next day to tell me. I was in shock since they had just been through this a few weeks prior. It was a tough time watching them grapple with the decision. Jada's condition is rare, to say the least. It comes with many scary possibilites. I am thankful God has given them peace in making her part of their familly. You can read the whole story on their blog -- Go to part one to get it in the right order.

If you feel a tug at your heart to help them bring Jada home, please click their donate button and drop a couple bucks into their piggy bank.
The trip from OC, Iowa to Changshu, China is about 6700 miles. If we find 6700 friends to give $1, they will be well on their way to bring home Jada. Thank you.

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