Saturday, May 16, 2009


We had one excited girl on our hands for a few days before the big day. Could have made one of those countdown chains or something cuz she was keeping close track. We celebrated mainly on Thursday as I had to work on Friday--the 15th. We went out to McD's on Thursday evening--Mya's choice and then off to Target to spend the money that some very generous grandmas had sent to Mya. The purchases included a mermaid Barbie, sparkle color sheets with color wonder markers and a Hello Kitty T-shirt. She was a pretty happy shopper. I can't believe that I did not get one photo of her doing all this. We didn't purchase a cake, so that must be the problem. Anyway, Erin got her more coloring sheets--the huge ones, and a Sleeping Beauty puzzle. Carrie had purchased a Barbie for her while we were in Colorado. She had a great time turning 5. I think the funnest part for me was when she burst in to my bedroom on Friday morning and said "Daddy, I'm five!" Unfortunately Daddy had already gone to work but it was oh so cute!

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Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?!? I missed the big 5 bday! I totally forgot to call, I think her bday was saved on my other phone- that's not working anymore. Anyway HAPPY BIG 5 MYA!!!
- Katie