Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sorry, No Pictures

On our way home from Colorado, we stopped to visit the Bilbys. Becky had a couple hours between kids stuff and we needed a break from driving. It was so fun to see them. Chloe and Mya kept busy playing. Noah went down in their lower level and claimed a computer right next to the boys. That is the picture I see in my mind--all 4 boys, each at a computer, doing their own thing. Becky and I chatted it up while Keith went to a hardware store. Guess each of us has a different definition of the word "break". It was SO great to be able to see them and catch up. Well, actually, we were only behind by a couple days because we chat online all the time but a physical visit is MUCH better.
Since I have not photos of the visit, I am providing a link to the town's big Tulip festival. If you head down there, the Bilbys will be hiding and Mr Brian will be out enjoying the time of his life!!

1 viewers thoughts.:

Mr.Brian said...

Maybe just maybe Becky will come to a parade if the temps are not above 73.4 degrees. We would'nt want to her break a sweat.