Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sing with Me . . .

We have clearance for our closing!! Looks like it will be Tuesday, July 30--a mere 15 days after the original. Can't say it was fun but it is finally happening. The bad news is we won't be able to take our vacation to Tennessee to see all of Mya's Pingjiang orphanage sisters. Instead, we will be getting settled in our new abode in Maple Grove Minnesota. Wonder what kind of fireworks they have over there?? Will have to find out!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

720th Post!?! -- Whoa!



Wow! I just noted that this is my 720th post. Amazing. If I ever take the time to look it all over, I'm sure I will be amazed at what is recorded here.

Our closing is still not set but we are anticipating next Wednesday. Since I work both Monday and Tuesday evenings, we are putting the big push in this weekend. The storage units will be filled to capacity soon. Renting a truck to transport stuff at the last day is not an option since we don't know when that last day is. So, the little trailer is getting a workout.

Knee update: Stopped wearing the peg leg and went to a neopreen support. It's not quite as effective but better than nothing. It is simply too hard to get things done in any type of organized fashion when you can't bend your leg. I have been very frustrated and resorted to yelling at times. NOT GOOD!

Above is a picture of what remains of my computer area. The box on the right contains the computer which I have now moved to the garage--one step closer to out the door. Carrie's room is empty as is Mya's, the porch, most closets and cupboards. The frig has once again been cleaned. I'm sweating and the air is on. This post is being done via Keith's computer in the lowest level. I suspect this computer will remain until the last minute as we would be pretty lost without anything. I guess we could use the laptop and it may very well come to that.

Hope you all have a great Father's Day! Squeeze those dads tight and let them know just how much you love them. Then, leave them alone to veg out because we all know they just want a day of peace!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still Waiting but Getting Closer

The appraisal has come through better than we had hoped. Now we wait for the underwriters (the ones who requested this second appraisal) to do all the necessary paperwork. Looks like middle of next week now. Not holding my breath. Don't want to change around my work schedule so thinking Wednesday is the best.

Still keeping busy with the Busy Mama Designs. The economy is stinky right now and people aren't buying anything too well. However, I have added a new design that I hope will catch someone's eye.

On a side note, I am very excited for the Bilby's as they have been offered a matching grant from Lifesong For Orphans. Go HERE to read the details.

Got Katie and Phil's wedding gift on order. Nope, no hints here as Katie pops in to see what we are up to. I ordered them from my friend, Robin, at Red Thread Stitches. It's a special wedding order. Enough said.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keeping Busy ~ Mama

So, what else do I have to do with my time while I wait to get into my new house??? Becky and I have worked up another Busy Mama line. This time it's on Cafe Press. I am posting some of our graphics which are available on multiple products in varying arrangements. If you think one of these is something that suits your or your family member, come on over to: and check it out, maybe even place an order.
We can add a family name to any of the products for a slight additional fee, just email me.
Thanks. ~verna and becky~ The Busy Mamas

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The knee is doing significantly better. The bug bite dissipated in a couple hours, thankfully. I am no longer waking to extreme pain at night. Hoping I can get by with a neoprene brace for work. THANK GOD!!

House update: The requested appraisal is set for tomorrow at 9 AM with closing coming no earlier than 48 hours afterward. This is optimistic and we expect to actually close next week, barring the buyers having financing problems . . . won't go there. Suffice it to say that if they were going conventional loan, none of this would be happening!

Mowed in the woods today so that the kids could ride the jeeps out there. Kept us all busy for a bit. Riding the mower with my "peg leg" proved to be somewhat challenging but at least I was out of the house, enjoying fresh air.

I am learning how to cook with minimum cookware. OK, I am totally frustrated by that and will be stopping at storage tomorrow to get my cookware. We're going to give Rice Krispy bars a whirl tonight--microwave version. I have an aluminum pan from a frozen lasagne that will be used for the pan. Yes, bakeware is in storage also. It's kind of like camping in my own home.

If you think these updates are not interesting, I understand. I think blogging has become a release for me this week. Someday, I hope to look back and find humor in it all. Until then, I'll just record the events.

Monday, June 15, 2009

It Just Gets Crazier

Well, we had hoped that this appraisal that the buyers mortgage company is requiring be scheduled for today. No such deal. It will be Wednesday morning. Closing can be no quicker than 48 hours after the appraisal. So, Friday is a possibility but probably won't happen. We are thinking Monday or Tuesday or better yet Wednesday of next week as then I will not have to take a vacation day.

On the immobilized knee situation, I put on what I now call my peg leg and within an hour had a burning sensation at the knee. I thought it was just because I was vacuuming and getting overheated for too much activity and yes, stress. Changed to a smaller brace. Still no relief on the burning. Took a closer look and now I think some sort of bug or spider was in the peg leg and stung me. I have a red patch the size of a grapefruit. I put ice on it and felt better. Decided to take a shower and that felt like someone was touching a hot iron to that area. Just nuts I tell you!

I am going to practice some deep breathing and calm down. God is in control . . .God is in control . . . God is in control . . . .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life's Little Glitches

Well, life is a series of events--ups and downs. Yesterday we got news that the buyers of our home have to have an additional appraisal prior to closing. That means a 2-3 day delay in moving. Crazy!!

Then today, I decided that I need to go to the same day clinic doc for me knee problem. Weak meniscus--knee immobilization and a visit to not only my GP but most likely an orthopaedist. Well, yipee skipee! Will be hard to help move with this thing on my leg. Guess I will take it off on moving day and just "Get 'er done" -- ;)

Through it all, I know there is a reason for the delay and getting to the doc at this time. Could be we need to do more here before we leave. Could be I need a couple of healing days to make it through the move without further damage to my knee. Either way, it will work for good.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mya Learns to Tie Shoes


I believe she has mastered the process!!

Kitty Fun


Mya was trying to get Kinko to hold the ribbon in her mouth and walk around with the balloon.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some Stuff for the Record

The grad party went very well. It was raining but not hard. We had it in the garage but it was cool. Some folks came into the house to warm up. Food was good. Company was good. Carrie took all the pictures. I'm waiting for her to post them so I can grab some for the blog. My whole family was here so we got some shots of the sibs. Should have gotten one with Mom! What was I thinkin! Hope is came out nice so that we can put one in Dad's room at the nursing home.

Mya has learned to tie a shoe. I showed her a few times. Then Keith showed her and Erin showed her. Very confusing since each of us has different ideas on how it should be done. Ultimately, she learned my way since I was more available. She is VERY proud of herself. Want to get pictures of that too but so far, none.

This is the final packing week. The cupboards are pretty bare. I told my sister, Colleen, that I am like Old Mother Hubbard except now I don't even have a dog!! Life is about to change big time. I pray that God gives us peace and reassurance that all is well. We are going to miss our house in the woods. No question about that.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mega Shopping

It goes without saying that shopping for a grad party is quite the experience. I chose to purchase a CostCo memebership because I love their cream filled cakes. I think I spent over 3 hours in food stores and still had to go to Wal*Mart for plastic table covers. Whew! I'm exhausted and I still have to finish cutting fruit and buns and , and , and . . . well, I have lost track! Will share pictures tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be cool and rainy. Hoping it is better than perdicted but the garage is cleaned out and ready just in case.