Saturday, June 20, 2009

720th Post!?! -- Whoa!



Wow! I just noted that this is my 720th post. Amazing. If I ever take the time to look it all over, I'm sure I will be amazed at what is recorded here.

Our closing is still not set but we are anticipating next Wednesday. Since I work both Monday and Tuesday evenings, we are putting the big push in this weekend. The storage units will be filled to capacity soon. Renting a truck to transport stuff at the last day is not an option since we don't know when that last day is. So, the little trailer is getting a workout.

Knee update: Stopped wearing the peg leg and went to a neopreen support. It's not quite as effective but better than nothing. It is simply too hard to get things done in any type of organized fashion when you can't bend your leg. I have been very frustrated and resorted to yelling at times. NOT GOOD!

Above is a picture of what remains of my computer area. The box on the right contains the computer which I have now moved to the garage--one step closer to out the door. Carrie's room is empty as is Mya's, the porch, most closets and cupboards. The frig has once again been cleaned. I'm sweating and the air is on. This post is being done via Keith's computer in the lowest level. I suspect this computer will remain until the last minute as we would be pretty lost without anything. I guess we could use the laptop and it may very well come to that.

Hope you all have a great Father's Day! Squeeze those dads tight and let them know just how much you love them. Then, leave them alone to veg out because we all know they just want a day of peace!

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wow busy, busy, busy!