Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some Stuff for the Record

The grad party went very well. It was raining but not hard. We had it in the garage but it was cool. Some folks came into the house to warm up. Food was good. Company was good. Carrie took all the pictures. I'm waiting for her to post them so I can grab some for the blog. My whole family was here so we got some shots of the sibs. Should have gotten one with Mom! What was I thinkin! Hope is came out nice so that we can put one in Dad's room at the nursing home.

Mya has learned to tie a shoe. I showed her a few times. Then Keith showed her and Erin showed her. Very confusing since each of us has different ideas on how it should be done. Ultimately, she learned my way since I was more available. She is VERY proud of herself. Want to get pictures of that too but so far, none.

This is the final packing week. The cupboards are pretty bare. I told my sister, Colleen, that I am like Old Mother Hubbard except now I don't even have a dog!! Life is about to change big time. I pray that God gives us peace and reassurance that all is well. We are going to miss our house in the woods. No question about that.

3 viewers thoughts.:

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

So glad the party went well! How is your dad doing? Way to go Mya! Praying the transition away from the house in the woods is a smooth one with many happy memories!

Have a great week!

LaLa said...

Yeah, get those shoe pics up...so is it two bunny ears like Annslee does?

Glad the party and packing are going well...

Scott and Joan said...

Good luck to all of you! I've moved many times as an adult and a child, so I feel your pain!
We'll miss you next week!