Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The knee is doing significantly better. The bug bite dissipated in a couple hours, thankfully. I am no longer waking to extreme pain at night. Hoping I can get by with a neoprene brace for work. THANK GOD!!

House update: The requested appraisal is set for tomorrow at 9 AM with closing coming no earlier than 48 hours afterward. This is optimistic and we expect to actually close next week, barring the buyers having financing problems . . . won't go there. Suffice it to say that if they were going conventional loan, none of this would be happening!

Mowed in the woods today so that the kids could ride the jeeps out there. Kept us all busy for a bit. Riding the mower with my "peg leg" proved to be somewhat challenging but at least I was out of the house, enjoying fresh air.

I am learning how to cook with minimum cookware. OK, I am totally frustrated by that and will be stopping at storage tomorrow to get my cookware. We're going to give Rice Krispy bars a whirl tonight--microwave version. I have an aluminum pan from a frozen lasagne that will be used for the pan. Yes, bakeware is in storage also. It's kind of like camping in my own home.

If you think these updates are not interesting, I understand. I think blogging has become a release for me this week. Someday, I hope to look back and find humor in it all. Until then, I'll just record the events.

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Kim K. said...

Hey - I appreciate the good, the bad and the ugly posts. It keeps it real. Best wishes with the last of the closing details.