Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten For Mya

It really was. 3 packs of crayons, 2 packs of markers, 2 bottles of glue, etc.
She was extremely excited to go. With afternoon Kindergarten, you have the morning to double check everything. You also have a child asking if it is time to go about a gazillion times.
No bus today. I drove her. Since we moved in during the summer, they need to create a stop for her. We'll have those pictures mid-Sept. By the way, Mya did her own hair. This is her pig tail look. Hope your first days of school went well!

5 viewers thoughts.:

cammysue said...

Love the photos! What did Noah do without Mya? Sweet hug good bye!

Nancy said...

What a great photo of Mya and Noah hugging. He looked like he was gonna sneak in with her. I bet it was hard for him not getting to go in too.

hollym. said...

Ok..now I have a lump in my throat!! That pic on Noah and Mya did it!
Hope Mya had a great first day of kindergarten!

It's All A Part of Life said...

Great pics Verna! Hope Mya had a wonderful day at school. What joy having her in my Sunday School class.

Love you all,

Laura L. said...

I hope she had a really great day and loves her new Kindergarten adventure. Nice pictures, and I love the one of Mya falling down with the backpack. :) Priceless.
Your blog looks so cute.