Friday, October 02, 2009

Cute pics from the picnic

Here are a couple favorite shots from our church picnic. The weather was cool but both my kids have sweaty heads. FYI, the man pulling Noah back on the swing is our Pastor. I didn't know he had been pushing Noah on the swings until I saw this photo. I think it's so neat that he was over playing with the kids!
I got these pictures from my friend, Linda. The blondies are her daughters. The other boy on the swing picture is our Pastor's son. Thanks for sharing!

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It's All A Part of Life said...

The funny thing is that Lily is still wanting to play with that beach ball. She found a hole in it and so we taped it. Last night, we were hitting the ball around. It's been a favorite night activity for the two of us. Caroline will sometimes join in too.