Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Happy thanksgiving pumpkins Pictures, Images and Photos

We had a great Thanksgiving. Keith's parents, brother and family, Erin, and the 4 of us all had turkey and the trimmings. We relaxed and chatted, enjoyed dessert, laughed and played. Joe and Rachael joined us later in the afternoon. Mya and Noah took a nap with very little fuss! When it got dark, Keith and I and the littles headed out for a neighborhood stroll to find out how many more lights folks had turned on. When we returned, we were surprised by CARRIE AND JON. Carrie had gotten tired of being alone and her roommate ditched her (yes, Jenny, that's you ;)), so she headed up to Fargo to hang out with her hubby for the weekend. They spent some time with Jon's family and then dropped unannounced. What a wonderful surprise! Erin's friend Aaron came by too. Then all the bigs headed to a movie and us "old folks" and the littles settled in to an evening of National Geographic TV--great program on the Grand Canyon. Keith's parents spent the night. When I got up the kids were yakking their ears off at the breakfast table. Everyone had a very pleasant and memorable Thanksgiving!
Today, I will share my recipe for stuffing. It's not entirely mine as I learned it from my mom but have made it own over the years.
First, get all the giblets out of the bird. This includes the tail and the neck. Put them in a saucepan and boil in water until all the meat is cooked.
Chop one large onion (more if you like)
Chop 1-2 cups of celery
Sautee in butter until softened.
Put one large bag of sage and onion flavored croutons in a large bowl.
add one large apple - chopped and 1 (or more) cup raisins
When the onion/celery mixture is ready, add to apple/raisin/crouton mix.
Now, take the cooked giblets out of the water which is now more like broth. DO NOT DUMP broth. Pick the meat off the neck and tail and put in your blender. Cut the heart, gizzard and liver (I don't use the liver) and put into the blender. Pour the broth over the meat and put cover on blender. Starting on your lowest setting and working up, run the blender until the meat mixture is pretty smooth. Be cautious if you use hot broth. Pour this meat sauce over the crouton mixture and mix well.
Refrigerate until you are ready to stuff the turkey. This make LOTS of stuffing.
If it does not all fit in the bird, put it in a casserole dish and pour chicke broth over it, then bake for about an hour.
We love it. Hope you do to.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today, both Mya and Noah went to school. It was so nice just knowing I had some time alone. I chose to go grocery shopping--always easier without kids. I walked through the store thinking about the items I passed and choosing which ones I needed or were a good price. It was indeed nice. After filling the cart with what turned out to be more than $250 worth of groceries, I pulled into a check out lane. In front of me was a woman unloading her cart. A little boy, probably 3 years old, sat nicely in her cart. He was trying to help the woman. She called him Noah. I quickly said, "we have a Noah", to which she replied "grandson" or something to that effect. I looked at her and said "No, He's mine." As her jaw dropped, I stroked the hair on my temples and said, "I know, it's the gray hair", meaning that is why she asked. The idea to tell her that our Noah was a Chinese adoptee, quickly went through my mind and was vetoed. It doesn't matter how our Noah came to us, he is ours and YES, I am old enough to be his grandma! Neither Noah, nor I care much about that!

All Better

Noah has recouped from his illness and returned, almost, to his normal self. I say almost because he fell asleep on the floor yesterday aat about 1 pm. After a bit, he moved to the sofa and fell asleep again, not waking until nearly 5:30. So, while his behaviour--arguing with sister, playing with sister, returning to activities--is back to normal, the need for sleep remains. Thank you to all who prayed for him.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still Sick

Noah is still under the weather. He did eat breakfast this morning. Asked for noodles with Applesauce. Hmmm . . . I asked if he meant spaghetti and he said yes. He did eat well and things are staying down. This is the first time he has asked for food in a couple days. He has been asking for water, thankfully. He has spend a LOT of time watching TV--NickJr (formerly Noggin) is our pick. He is good for a while and then falls asleep again.

Yesterday, he fell asleep around 10:30 am and woke at 2:30 pm. I had planned to allow him to go to preschool but he slept right through it. Then when he woke and found out it was over, he pouted and then cried for about half an hour. Poor kid really did want to go.

I will go in to work 2 hours late so that Keith can come home and watch him. I've been feeling fatigued and coughing myself this week but nothing like Noah has.

We did not take him to the Doctor because we did not feel that he was in bad enough condition to warrent it. He was drinking, taking meds, resting and eating small amounts. His fever was under control. Unfortunately, the docs can't do much for the flu except to keep the kids hydrated and he was not dehydrated. Thank God and those who have prayed him through this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sickness and Some Fun

This is how Noah fell asleep last night. Pretty sad but he was sick all day, throwing up occasionally, slight cough, complaining of sore legs and also had a fever. No preschool for him. Mya stayed home from Kindergarten as she had a fever the night before. I wanted her to rest too, which she did by taking a nice nap. [Noah fell asleep on the floor again tonight, in nearly the same spot.]

Noah did go outside earlier in the day and Mya nabbed the camera. Great picture, I think.

Of course, what child can resist pointing the camera at themselves. There were several versions of this one but I think this is kind of funny. It screams Facebook profile picture.

Tonight we skipped church as Noah is still running a fever and Mya is tired and grumpy and bossy and, well, pretty much just being herself ;) Keith had church bills to do and I'm feeling achy in the shoulders (could be the computer). To entertain them for a few moments we made these turkeys. Got the idea from Kim K. Noah added feet and Mya put a hat on hers.

Kind of a fun little project. Very Cute! Thanks Kim!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nice Day

Today was one of those really nice days that you kind of take at your own pace with no real expectations. We got up at our usual time as our alarm clocks (Mya and Noah) don't recognize the difference between week and weekend days. Anyway, I got the church bulletins together--my one major church responsibility. We had planned to go out to visit dad in the nursing home and mom on the farm. It is a shorter drive from our new home, which really is nice. We stopped for lunch at a Burger King about half way there. Then we continued on to pick up my neice, Jenny, from her other grandma's home and then went to the nursing home. Dad was as he has been and will be, not really recognizing any of us but still chattering on about things. I have to listen really closely as he mumbles now and speaks softly. Basically, we listen, try to converse and hope that somehow, this time, we will break through the Parkinson's/Ahlziemers and see the old dad but not this time. The visit is a laborious hour. We did take him outside to get a bit of fresh air but it was chilly for him. The kids played on the lawn while we "chatted". My sister, Colette and her new husband, Steve, stopped by along with Steve's two girls and Colette's son Alex. When dad said he was tired, we decided it was time to head out to the farm. We were greeted at the door by CJ, mom's little dog who takes her guarding job very seriously. After enjoying a snack together, we headed out to pick up corn ears from the recently harvested fields. It was a gloriously sunny day, probably 65 out. The breeze made it feel just a bit chilly, especially in the shaded areas. Mya, Jenny and I walked in the field with a bucket, searching for "gold"--corn ears that we can use to feed the squirrels. It was great. As we walked, I could smell the corn stalks. My nephew, Jordan, was chopping the stalks with a John Deere tractor pulling a chopper. If you are not a farm kid, this may be an unfamiliar smell to you but if, like me, you grew up in the country, you may remember that particular smell. For me, it brought back many a memory of harvest on the farm. One memory that came flooding back to me was of a cold fall day, I must have been about 6 or 7. Our whole family, all six kids, were out in the field of corn stalks, dressed warmly as the weather was pretty cold. We were walking and picking up ears of corn and tossing them on to a hay rack. In those days, the corn ears were picked by a 2 row picker, put into a wagon, hauled up to the farm and stored until the kernels were shelled off the cobs for use as feed or taken to the local elevator to be sold. There was much waste so ears of corn were fairly plentiful. Farming has become much more sophisticated. Nary an ear falls to the ground these days. We could only find them on the corners where the huge combine had knocked down the stalks when turning the corners. It was especially heart warming for me to turn around and watch Mya pick soybeans from some remaining stems in the neighboring field. She found them to be not only fun to pick but tasty to eat--not something I enjoy but she did. As we walked the rows, enjoying one another's company, I got a strong sense that this would be one of those days that she would one day remember fondly, just as I remembered gathering corn ears on a cold November day, probably 40 years ago. I thought how wonderful it is to help a child have roots, connections to those they love, and warm fuzzies as they see familiar childhood sites.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Yep, It's MY Birthday!

Because I am working tonight, my dear hubby brought me these beautiful yellow roses last night--one for each of the kids and one for him! Yellow (pale) IS my favorite color! Mom called me at 9:00 AM--the time that I was born. Both Mya and Noah wished me Happy Birthday and Erin (and Koda Bear) did too. Joe sent a text. That leaves Carrie. Not worried, she will call too. So far, I must have received a gazillion well wishes from Facebook via email notification. [I have not been on FB this week as I am doing a 7 day FB fast but my blog posts go on through Twitter.] Thank you all for your wishes. What I would prefer to do tonight instead of work would be to go to the P,C&D concert but I did not think to ask for my BD off! Who would have know that concert would be on my BD! Thank you all for your well wishes. You have made my day much brighter!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Taking Advantage

Did a bit of "after Halloween" shopping and picked up some dress up clothes for 75% off. Figured it was cheaper than going to the toys section and paying through the nose. Got 2 Doctor outfits (different sizes), a wedding dress, another frilly dress, and a fireman suit --5 costumes for $20. Not bad! No, I did not pick up any candy. We have some left yet and I certainly don't need more UNLESS it lasts until Christmas because I could use it for the bags that we give the kids after the annual Sunday School program.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Littles Go Trick or Treating

For those who have know us for a LONG time, you will know that we have not participated in Halloween for years. Not because the big ones were too big but because of the history of this "holiday". I went out of my comfort zone to try to focus on the pretend side of it and the little ones had a good time. They are too little to realize the spiritual side of Halloween. We will discuss that as they get bigger. For now, it is just a time to dress up and collect candy from the neighbors. Keith took them out and then came back to leave Noah with me as he was tired. Mya went for a second round in the cul-de-sac behind us. Then they both handed out candy to whomever came to the door while watching Nick Jr's Halloween specials. They had a lots of fun and memories were made.