Sunday, November 01, 2009

Littles Go Trick or Treating

For those who have know us for a LONG time, you will know that we have not participated in Halloween for years. Not because the big ones were too big but because of the history of this "holiday". I went out of my comfort zone to try to focus on the pretend side of it and the little ones had a good time. They are too little to realize the spiritual side of Halloween. We will discuss that as they get bigger. For now, it is just a time to dress up and collect candy from the neighbors. Keith took them out and then came back to leave Noah with me as he was tired. Mya went for a second round in the cul-de-sac behind us. Then they both handed out candy to whomever came to the door while watching Nick Jr's Halloween specials. They had a lots of fun and memories were made.

4 viewers thoughts.:

day by day said...

Very cute, Verna! Glad they had fun! I did not know you were one of Karl's other sponsors! Did you see the pic I posted of him not too long ago? He is really a cutie!


God's Grace said...

WOW Verna! you totally stole my brain (and post!) We too "dressed up" after many years of no Holloween! Maybe it's age, maturity, who knows. But I wanted to focus on the pretend part while educating in the years ahead...I haven't post yet....The kids are cute :-)

It's All A Part of Life said...

We focus on the dressing up and candy more than "Halloween." Our girls never do well with the scary aspect of Halloween. We were so happy that we purchased our costumes at Target this year because going to Party City was ALWAYS a nightmare. They have so much scary stuff in their windows and entry way that we had to carry Caroline into the store so she could cover her eyes. Of course, exiting the store too. It is horrible.

Mya and Noah are adorable! Love you guys!


Laura L. said...

Oh they look adorable! I'm glad they had a good time.
Jadyn's been trick-or-treating for 2 years now too. Our family had not done it since our Bigs were pretty small.
For now we'll go with it and see what the next few years bring.